From Spreadsheet Hell to One Version of the Truth: What every CEO wants

Most business leaders crave a single, reliable version of the truth. This, above all else, gives confidence and decision making capability. Taking control of overblown, spaghetti-like business processes is easier than you think. How most business processes are created Most businesses, after a certain amount of trial, error, fire fighting and furrowed brows, figure out … Read more

When is a start-up not a start-up?

Welcome to Flowlens. As the new kids on the block we could be considered a start-up, but in actual fact we’re not. We like to think we’ve taken the best bits about starting a new company – the enthusiasm, the best possible team, the opportunities, the shiny new business cards – and avoided the common … Read more

Customer Retention a Key Strategy for Manufacturers

It’s no secret that the manufacturing sector is under extreme pressure. Between depressed export demand, rising input costs, and strong competition, manufacturers need new strategies in order to prosper. Andrew Johnston, Senior Economist at the manufacturers’ group EEF, opened this morning’s seminar programme. He gave an illuminating summary of the challenges facing the sector, and … Read more