Quickbooks CRM Integration & ERP Integration

Flowlens is joined-up manufacturing CRM, MRP & Service software that integrates with QuickBooks.

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Save Time
    Seamlessly send data between Flowlens and QuickBooks without rekeying
    Sync customers and supplier records on both systems
    Send Sales Order Invoices and payment status
    Send Purchase Order Invoices and payment status


Designed for SME Equipment Manufacturers & Dealers

Cut waste and get visibility of your entire business.

Flowlens is ‘all in one’ software designed for small-medium manufacturers of equipment, devices, machinery,  plant or industrial products. Our customers range from specialist producers of electrical switchgear, energy saving and renewable heating appliances, testing and measurement devices, power systems, to SME agricultural machinery manufacturers and much more.

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Integrated with QuickBooks, Flowlens provides everything you need to:

  • Manage stock, suppliers and purchasing
  • Plan jobs and material requirements
  • Control sales team activity, pipeline and order book
  • Configure and quote for products
  • Watch time and material spend / profitability of jobs
  • Manage after-sales equipment service
  • Control cash exposure across order book and purchasing
  • Send sales and purchases instantly to QuickBooks, plus customer and supplier information.
  • Get some sleep at night!
Take Your Business to the next level

Flowlens helps you professionalise and standardise your business processes.

This means your team get more down, there’s less confusion, and customers see the benefit of orders received on time, and in full.

With Flowlens, you can implement an effective Quality Management System compatible with ISO 9001 and equivalents. For many companies, ISO9001 audits are an admin-heavy box-ticking exercise.

Our joined-up workflow, instant reports, customisable forms and collaboration tools mean you get live and breath ISO 9001, beating your competition, and being ‘always’ audit ready.

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