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Flowlens customers are using our Forms bolt-on for a wider variety of purposes, saving time, and creating more accurate and complete records and audit trails. Typical uses of forms include

  • Quality Checks and Final Inspection Reviews
  • Order Planning Checklists
  • Material Reviews
  • Corrective Actions Requests
  • Service Requests
  • Asset Logs
  • and much more

Bin the paperwork for good!

Forms are particularly important for ISO9001 companies seeking to standardise their data capture and provide easy access to evidence.

Forms keep information within Flowlens and reduce paper and manual process steps. We can help you define and create your forms!

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Gareth Black - Technical Director - Flint Subsea

“Flexible Tool”

Forms is an extremely flexible tool. We created a contract review form. So every single sales that we do, we create a contract review and it’s part of our process embedded in the system. 

Gareth Black
Technical Director – Flint Subsea Ltd

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