Cut Admin With Integrated BOM Software​

Manage your Bill of Materials (BOM) more effectively with Flowlens integrated stock, production, sales and service management tools. 

If you want to move on from spreadsheet headaches and time-consuming manual processes, our SME manufacturing software, including BOM management, will save you time and hassle.

  • Manage parts, revisions, BOMs
  • Upload and update from CAD using our import tools
  • Manage multiple suppliers per part
  • Feed production, and improve turnaround time
  • User-friendly & mobile

Get Orders Into Production Accurately

Flowlens is an affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one CRM and MRP platform for small equipment manufacturers that cuts waste and improves your lead times.
Our production planning software lets you pre-define the product BOM or import for bespoke jobs.

Joined Up Systems

Enquiries, sales, quotes, orders and invoices - everything is tracked in Flowlens.

Import Data Fast

Create and maintain parts and BOMs with our import tools. Upload drawings and specs.

Improve Flow

Feed production planning and materials purchasing to get orders into production faster.

Complete History

See part and purchase history, revisions, orders and more. Track serial numbers for finished products.

Manage Suppliers

Link BOMs to Purchasing to improve supplier performance management and see complete order histories.

Reduce Stock Holding

Eliminate overstocking and avoid shortages with BOMs linked to Jobs and Purchases.

Production Manager

Trusted by fast-growing manufacturers

Rob White

“On top of re-order levels”

The stock graphs have helped us with our planning too, of when we need materials versus the job card outputs. So that’s helped us keep less stock and prevent overstock.

Rob White
Sales Director – DD Scientific Ltd

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Ensuring Accurate and Precise BOMs

It is crucial to handle your organisation’s BOMs accurately. A BOM (bill of materials) provides extensive information about how a product will be assembled and built, including the raw materials, items, parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies.

Various departments depend on this information, including purchasing, design and production. This means your firm’s BOMs must be specific and clear to reduce the chances of costly errors. Flowlens BOM software can help ensure your team always makes the right decisions. And with our joined-up tools managing the steps of your whole manufacturing business process, your team has one place to store and handle information.

Manufacturing Dependency Graph

BOM Software Features

Avoid the risks of a manual spreadsheet system. Flowlens is easy to learn and easy to use.

Parts & Suppliers

Manage parts, stock levels, warning levels, approved suppliers, and upload drawings and specs.

Bill of Materials

Create and maintain components / raw materials lists, cost and quantities.

Fast Updates

Import and update in bulk, and import data from your CAD software.

Track Revisions & History

Gain visibility of product revisions and updates with our Activity Log tool.

Issue Serial Numbers

Track finished goods in production, dispatch and ongoing service job history.​​

Integrated Jobs

Access BOM, parts, and latest purchase information on the shop floor.

Fewer Spreadsheets?

Manufacturing processes have never been more complex than they are now. This may be prompting your manufacturing business to move away from paper-based processes or the use of spreadsheets.

Make Flowlens your company’s choice of BOM software to manage this critical element of the manufacturing process with minimal stress. In particular, our platform greatly helps to reduce the risk of errors from manual input and keeping on top of revisions or version updates.

CRM Customer Record

Keep Production Moving Cost-effectively

You’re A Few Steps Away From Superior BOM Management

The benefits of Flowlens’ cloud-based MRP software extend well beyond your organisation’s BOMs, including integration with your accounts software. Request your customised demo of our innovative solution today for an in-depth discussion about your needs.

A screenshot of Flowlens affordable MRP system's job card functionality showing the progress of a production job workflow.

Our cloud software includes features like the Flowlens Production Job Card, which uses your product BOMs to show MRP demand for the required components or sub-assemblies. This allows you to prevent the expensive delays or even halts to manufacturing that can occur if you do not manage your BOM’s material requirements effectively.

With Flowlens, you can ensure all vital information is sufficiently detailed and up to date. This, in turn, enables more efficient and cost-effective production.

Works with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage 50

Accounting Integrations - Sage Quickbooks Xero

Flowlens integrates with your existing accounts software, linking with Xero, Sage 50 or QuickBooks.

  • Issue invoices faster, improve cashflow
  • Eliminate data keying errors and save time
  • Monitor cash flow with real-time dashboard widgets

Dedicated Onboarding

At Flowlens, we’re here to help you get results through your digital transformation. We provide expert help in:

  • Process mapping and team alignment.
  • Change management planning.
  • Training and coaching for your team.
  • Data cleansing and migration.
  • Business Intelligence reviews.

Read more about our digital transformation services

Flowlens CRM, MRP, Service and Management Software diagram

Real World Impact

Alan Rex - Operations Director - DD Scientific - gas sensors

“Prevents Overstock”

The stock graphs have helped us with our planning too, of when we need materials versus the job card outputs. So that’s helped us keep less stock and prevent overstock.

Alan Rex
Operations Director – DD Scientific Ltd

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Unlock Your Growth Potential

Manual systems and processes are barriers to growth. With Flowlens BOM Software, integrated with our CRM, Production and Service tools, you can do more with less.

Flowlens is user-friendly and easy to learn, meaning your team can multi-skill across tasks such as issuing purchase orders, receiving stock, dispatching goods and much more.

What have you got to lose?

manual processes consume time and limit good decision making - crm can help

Features To Grow Into

Custom Forms

Go paperless, and build forms to suit every need across your business.

Calendar Integration

Get Tasks in your Outlook or Google Calendar and stay on top of follow-ups.

Product Configurator

Handle variations and options to suit your customer. Cut out quoting errors.

Service Jobs+

Manage and grow after-sales equipment service revenues.

Sales Forecast

Manage sales pipeline, activity and forecast growth.

Team Collaboration Illustration

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