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BOM Software for Optimising Your Manufacturing Operations

Manage your small equipment manufacturing business’s Bill of Materials (BOM) more effectively with Flowlens. Our acclaimed BOM software allows you to reduce the errors that manual input and duplication can bring. Use our platform to create final and sub-assembly job cards, in addition to easily importing your bill of materials. Choose our leading solution to keep on top of the latest and most accurate versions of your product.

A Key Component of Your Production Planning

Flowlens is an affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one CRM and MRP platform for small equipment manufacturers. Our production planning software lets you pre-define the product BOM or import for bespoke jobs.

Ensuring Accurate and Precise BOMs

It is crucial to handle your organisation’s BOMs accurately. A BOM (bill of materials) provides extensive information about how a product is to be assembled and built, including the raw materials, items, parts, assemblies and any sub-assemblies. Various departments depend on this information, including purchasing, design and production. This means your own firm’s BOMs have to be specific and clear, to reduce the chances of costly errors. Flowlens BOM software can therefore help ensure your team always makes the right decisions.   

Enquire About Our Industry-Leading Solution

Flowlens software will empower your equipment manufacturing business to better organise and manage its BOMs. But our platform isn’t just about BOM management. It can also cater to a wealth of other business management needs for SME equipment manufacturers – so why not enquire today?  

Avoid the Risks of a Manual System

Manufacturing processes may have never been more complex than they are now. This may be prompting your manufacturing business to move away from paper-based processes or spreadsheets.

Make Flowlens your company’s choice of BOM software to manage this critical element of the manufacturing process with minimal stress. In particular, our platform greatly helps to reduce the risk of errors from manual input and keeping on top of revisions or version updates.

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Keep Production Moving – Cost-effectively

Our cloud software includes features like the Flowlens Production Job Card, which uses your product BOMs to show MRP demand for the required components or sub-assemblies. This allows you to prevent the expensive delays or even halts to manufacturing that can occur if you do not manage your BOM’s material requirements effectively.

With Flowlens, you can ensure all vital information is sufficiently detailed and up to date. This, in turn, enables more efficient and cost-effective production. 

You’re A Few Steps Away From Superior BOM Management

The cloud-based Flowlens MRP software offers benefits extending well beyond your organisation’s BOMs, including integration with your accounts software. Request your online demo of our innovative solution today – or contact us for an in-depth discussion. 

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