Enabling SME manufacturers to be the best they can be.

Driven by an experienced team that’s passionate about manufacturing, we’re a cloud-based platform designed specifically for small-medium equipment, device and machinery manufacturers.

Flowlens is a flexible and scalable MRP system, combined with an affordable and intuitive manufacturing CRM that integrates seamlessly with a host of accounting packages, driving efficiencies across your business. Flowlens helps customers integrate, manage and improve their sales, production, service, accounting and many other business processes.

Unite the different areas of your business, shares customer, supplier and product information across your internal processes and get incredible dashboards that let you spot problems, and see the improvements in your business at a glance. 

Who we are

Established in 2006, we’ve always strived to help our customers be the best they can be, and that’s why we built Flowlens.

Flowlens break down departmental silos, strips away barriers to collaboration and breaks through bottlenecks in your business to allow you to focus on what’s most important – making quality products and making sustainable profits.

Read on to hear more about what drives us and the Flowlens story so far…

Flowlens CRM, MRP, Service and Management Software diagram

Our Story

Flowlens is proud to be from Belfast – the shipbuilding, ropemaking, and now tech hub capital city of Northern Ireland. A city whose skyline is still dominated by our manufacturing past in the shape of the Harland & Wolf cranes.

Our purpose and mission is to help SME manufacturers be the best they can be. Along with our international partners, we’re on a mission to unlock the power of digital technology (Industry 4.0) for small manufacturing businesses, helping them improve, grow and compete with the biggest names in their industry.

We do that by working closely with every potential client to understand their unique stage of development, the problems they face, the issues they perhaps don’t see for themselves and the solutions open to them through Flowlens.

Belfast's famous shipyard cranes
Our Solution (process map)

With detailed understanding, we guide each business through our proven implementation process to ensure they get the absolute most out of our software and understand where Flowlens can be applied across their business for total transformation.

We remain an extension of your team, always available to help you get the most out of the system and to continually improve your business.

What we believe

Too often, SAAS (software as a subscription) tech companies aggressively push businesses to sign-up for a product without any understanding of that individual business’s needs.

That might help the tech firm scale quickly but it’s not a long-term strategy.

At Flowlens, we take the time to understand your business before we say if our MRP software is the right product for you. We’re happy to say we’re NOT the right product for every business because…

No two manufacturers are the same

Every company is different and this is particularly true when it comes to manufacturing. Even within narrow industry niches, different companies are at different stages of their development, have different reasons for wanting to improve and have different approaches to their business.

We’ll take the time to get to know you before we agree that we can help or that you’re ready to take that first step with Flowlens.

Sales Order Processing Inventory Management Screen
Team Collaboration Illustration

We’re always learning

Like any business, we’re constantly evolving and while we’re happy to say that we feel we have struck the right balance between affordability, functionality and ease of use, this can change over time.

However, we’re continually developing Flowlens, making it faster, safer and easier to use and our loyal customers are part of that. Our product roadmap comes from consultation and collaboration with our customers.

We’re in the business of business improvement and that applies to ourselves too.

Trusted by fast growing manufacturers

Industries We Serve

Our customers include assembly / built to order and engineer to order manufacturing businesses including agricultural / farm machinery, electrical equipment / engineering, specialist electronics assembly, industrial machinery and plant, renewable energy systems and energy storage, portable buildings, material handling, specialist automotive, tooling, ground-care and landscaping machinery, construction components, LED lighting and more.

Read / watch case studies.

Georgi Cojocaru - DD Scientific Production Supervisor

“Saves me an hour each day”

I don’t have to wander around and ask for information. Having all the information there, it saves me around one hour per day.

Georgi Cojocaru
Production Supervisor – DD Scientific Ltd

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DD Scientific Logo

“We start and finish within Flowlens”

We’ve a complete process that starts and finishes within Flowlens. Rather than having lots of other operations we have now a single touch point and a clear audit trail from start to finish.

Oliver Caunt
Managing Director – JCS Nuclear Ltd

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JCS Nuclear Solutions
Oliver Caunt MD JCS Nuclear Solutions
Ray Dodd - General Manager - On Systems Ltd

“Focus on what’s important”

Everybody’s set up with their dashboard, and you can tailor it for the information that’s important to you. What’s important to me is winning business and how we deliver that business.

Ray Dodd
General Manager – On Systems Ltd

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