Rob White

DD Scientific masters stock management with Flowlens MRP & CRM

Rob White, Sales Director of specialist sensor manufacturing company, DD Scientific describes how Flowlens’ intuitive, customisable sales, production and inventory dashboards have saved him and his team time and increased efficiency across the business.

In our latest client feature video, Rob White, Sales Director, Alan Rex, Operations Director, and Georgi Cojocaru, Production Supervisor for electronic sensor manufacturing firm DD Scientific share their story on how Flowlens has helped the business improve efficiency and grow sales. 

Like many firms who work with legacy systems, DD Scientific struggled to get easy visibility of stock and sales orders and so struggled with key functions like forecasting. These issues resulted in production delays, missed orders and ultimately potentially unhappy customers. 

The company knew it had to change and appointed a project team to look at ways of improving its MRP, production and customer management systems.

Thankfully, the team found Flowlens MRP Software and worked closely with our implementation team to ensure everyone was fully trained and familiar with the system when it came time to go live. 

In the video, Rob explains that while the enhanced training and support available from Flowlens allowed everyone to get on board with the incoming changes, the transition wasn’t all smooth sailing.

“We underestimated the amount of data that we had on our legacy system that needed to be ported across to Flowlens. We underestimated that significantly. So without the support from Flowlens that would have been a total disaster.”

Rob offers his advice on this and other issues for organisations making the move after an extended period with an existing system but is thankful that they successfully navigated these choppy waters with Flowlens’ assistance:

“There’s always some concern when you take on an off-the-shelf system that you’re going to have to fit your business around how it works. But what we found is that working to the way Flowlens works for production orders has actually made us think very carefully about how we manage production orders and I think we have a much more efficient system now as a result.”

And for Rob, the learning continues as Flowlens manufacturing software opens the company’s eyes to more ways they can improve their processes:

“As we’ve gone along the Flowlens journey, what we discover is that there are features that are highly applicable to the business that we hadn’t even thought of. For example, when a customer returns a product to us, we have a process that we call RMA, returned materials authorisation that was previously done with an Excel based tool.

“We’ve now converted that to be fully on Flowlens. So now with a click, we can see what products have been returned by whom and what percentage of those products were faulty. And that drives our ability to address quality. So if we see a spike in a particular product being returned we can address it and say, is there a problem here?

“I think that’s just one of the many examples of improving our business by getting all of our processes in one place. That’s our vision, to have all of our processes driven through one system – Flowlens.”

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