Lean Manufacturing Software cuts waste from your business processes

Flowlens manages your value stream from sales to manufacturing, invoice and dispatch and service.

Break Down Silos, Solve Waste

Where is the waste in your business?

You can see the results of material wastage, design errors and poor training. But what about the every day activities needed to meet customer demands?



Informal Communication



All create wasted effort and duplication. Flowlens MRP & CRM aids lean management, creating visibility and transparency for the whole business.

Lean Business Process

Flowlens Lean Manufacturing Software links

  • Bill of materials
  • Sales orders
  • Production jobs
  • Suppliers
  • and customers

in one seamless Flow. Avoid purchasing more than you need, and avoid producing more than is required. Be always audit ready.

Instead of disjointed, departmental silos, Flowlens lean manufacturing software connects your business functions. Avoid paying for standalone sales CRM, MRP and service software, and avoid the headache of connecting them!

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On Systems cut unnecessary cost

“It’s so simple, and it’s taken a lot of unnecessary activity out of the processes…. We’re always audit ready.” Watch full video.

Ray Dodd
General Manager
Single Data Repository

How much time do you spend looking for reliable information?

How often do you find errors in quotes, orders, BOMs and work in progress?

Do you run out of stock, or fail to order items needed to manufacture?

Do you spend hours evidencing ISO traceability for assets, serial numbers and purchase orders?

How much cash do you waste on unnecessary purchasing and over production?

Can you generate accurate, reliable reports at the touch of a button?

Flowlens is designed to address all of these challenges, by implementing a single database and lean business process management software system for your equipment/device/machinery manufacturing business?

Lean Manufacturing Software creates opportunities

Secure and cloud-based, Flowlens lean manufacturing software stores everything about your customer interactions, including a history of products you’ve sold them.

Flowlens customers use this data to create a sustainable after-sales equipment service business model alongside their finished goods manufacturing offering.

Work smarter, not harder!

Supporting Lean Quality Management & Communication

As well as managing your main business process, Flowlens lean manufacturing software incorporates document and process compliance for standards such as ISO 9001 and equivalents.

  • workflow forms capture defects, NCRs and corrective actions
  • handle internal audit, compliance and follow-up tasks
  • manage returns and defects
  • define and track production workflow steps
  • avoid paying for separate QMS software
  • support continuous improvement with informative data
Competitive Edge for Denatec

“We’re now picking up customers that want a quick response, they want quick turnaround, they want quick communication, they want quotes quite quickly. And it’s our ability with digital tools, to turn that round very quickly, that at the moment seems to be one of the things that is really good for our business.”

Watch Full Case Study

Nathan Peel
Director of Engineering
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