Business Process Mapping Services

Understand your customer value chain

How much time and money are poor processes costing you?

Where are the hidden bottlenecks and communication problems that are holding your business back?

Where do your processes become stuck?

How often do your people waste time capturing data that is never used or reported on?

You spend so much time working ‘in’ the business that you and your team rarely take the time to work ‘on’ the business.

A Roadmap for Business Improvement

Before embarking on any significant business improvement, we highly recommend mapping out your business processes.

This will help the team focus on how it creates value for customers, and what is getting in the way.

You will identify ways to work faster and exceed customer expectations, and ways to operate more efficiently; in both cases improving profitability.

In a world of continuous improvement, “We’ve always done it that way” is no longer part of your mindset.

We Can Help

Our Business Process Mapping service is designed to capture and challenge the current business process.

We will work with you and your team to capture the steps of your business process, and facilitate discussion about how things could be done better.

In particular, we’ll help people from different functional areas of the business to understand how their actions impact others further along the value chain.

When people have a say in shaping and improving a business process, they have more ownership of the outcome.

We’ll produce business processes diagrams that reflect the current state, along with a list of recommendations drawn from the discussion that you and your team can action.

Break Down The Silos, Boost Profits

As a result of the process mapping, you and your team will have

  • A clear understanding of bottlenecks and opportunities
  • The cost impact of doing nothing
  • A requirements list for systems and process improvements

Enquire today to discuss how we can help shed light on your processes.

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