CRM For Manufacturing

Less admin, more speaking to customers

Why Pay For Two Systems?

What do you want from a CRM for manufacturing and equipment dealers?

Flowlens helps you sell more efficiently, and it integrates seamlessly with our MRP, Stock, Service and Invoicing tools. Less hassle, less time, less cost to your business.

Track everything from inbound enquiries, sales leads, quotations, orders and invoices.

Never miss a follow-up, assign yourself or colleagues a Task to follow-up.

Monitor sales team activity through interactions.

Move Sales along the pipeline, configure and issue quotations within the system.

Get real-time sales forecast analysis and monitor conversions.

Works with you in the office and on the go

Access Flowlens manufacturing CRM on the move on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Get sales, customer, stock and service information when you need it.

How much time are you wasting without manufacturing CRM?

Configure Product Options and Upgrades

Flowlens Manufacturing CRM Product Configurator enables you to control options and upgrades. Bring order to the chaos of unstructured quoting.

Product options chosen feed into the bill of materials ensure that necessary component requirements are identified before the build.

Track Activity, Improve Results

Flowlens CRM for manufacturing and equipment dealers lets you capture sales activity through the simple Interactions features. This lets you record a full history of your calls, emails, meetings etc with the customer.

Use this information to prepare for the next call, or decide when enough is enough!

Forecast Sales

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what is round the corner.

Flowlens helps you improve your sales qualification process but encouraging more accurate sales forecasting.

See the manufacturing CRM pipeline at glance, across stages, and expected close dates.

Challenge your sales team to make better forecasts of value and close date.

Sales Increased by 36%

“Having people tied up in administration is not what we’re about. Flowlens has saved us 30% on administration of sales pipeline, activity and reporting.”

“We have increased our sales 36%, by being able to manage the process better. Our sales people are employed to sell, not do admin, and Flowlens lets them do that.”

Alan Lowry – Environmental Street Furniture

Integrated Quotation Software and Follow-Ups

Many businesses issues quotes verbally, by email, or via time-consuming template documents. As well as the time wasted, its hard to find quotes needing follow-up.

Flowlens manufacturing CRM lets you build and send quotations in minutes. Choose from products and options and issue a branded PDF quote by email.

Everything is logged for future reference and easy follow-up.

Push Invoices Straight to Your Accounts Package

Flowlens works with your existing accounts software, integrating your CRM/ERP/MRP workflows with XeroSage 50QuickBooks or Kashflow.

Save huge amounts of time by eliminating rekeying of data. Invoices can be raised against orders with Flowlens, and pushed to your accounts package, avoiding the need for rekeying and errors.

Get invoices out in moments rather than days or weeks, and as a result, improve your cashflow.

Flowlens Sales Order, Dispatch and Invoicing Reports give a one-page summary of all orders, payment status etc, so you can keep on top of cash.

Save time, book a free discovery call and find out if Flowlens is a fit for your business

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