New Flowlens Dashboard Reporting

Flowlens Business Management Software real-time dashboard

We’re delighted to launch our new Flowlens cloud manufacturing CRM and MRP Software Dashboard and Reporting capabilities. They’ve been fully redeveloped in response to customer feedback, and carry us further towards our vision of Flowlens as the single ‘lens’ for reliable manufacturing inventory, sales, customer and supplier information. Across Flowlens you can filter data, such […]

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Why Flowlens ERP works for growing OEMs

For OEMs and companies who component assemble (or refurbish) equipment, machinery, Flowlens is designed to help you: Schedule your component assembly production jobs Get accurate materials/component needs Store multiple supplier part codes against your parts Track profitability of the job Create an asset serial number for ongoing after-sales service and traceability Create a sales forecast  […]

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5 steps to selecting the right CRM for your business

Flowlens integrated CRM and Manufacturing software tools

So the search begins…. You’ll know when your business is ready for CRM when you are: Spending too much time re-entering information over and over Chasing people for information at the last minute Losing out on enquiries or quotes that never got followed up Failing to track customer complaints and service issues, or not responding […]

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How Flowlens supports your GDPR policy.

Flowlens provides customers with controls to help support their GDPR compliance policy. The stringent requirements include the need to prove that you have consent to communicate with contacts, how you got that consent, and the purpose of the communication. The Flowlens GDPR module helps you setup, and manage this easily. Firstly, security of data is […]

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Why traditional CRM thinking is failing SMEs

Have you hit a brick wall with your CRM system? We adopt tools like CRM and spreadsheets to solve a problem, until we discover they create yet another silo of information in the business. And when it comes to turning orders into cash, these silos just slow you down. We’ve all been there, copying data out of one system to […]

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Sleepless nights and small business – how Flowlens can help you beat the insomnia.

As leaders of growing businesses we’ve all been there, sleepless night after sleepless night, your mind racing with niggles that you’ve pushed out of the way during the day. There are so many things to juggle in business, however one theme stands above the rest. I speak to business owners and management teams every day […]

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