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At Flowlens, our mission is to help your manufacturing business be the best it can be. We’ve designed our ‘FlowlensX’ Implementation services to support every stage of your journey towards excellence and sustainable profitability and this starts before you’ve even selected a software system.

So, if you have just started thinking about digital transformation, or are already on the path, we can help.

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Implementation – Getting the Basics Right

We have devised a ‘crawl, walk, run’ method for digital adoption. If you choose to adopt Flowlens for your manufacturing business, you won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed.

The ‘FlowlensX’ approach involves creating a solid foundation within your Flowlens system, across the key operations of the business, from stock and job management, to order processing and invoicing.

Key Benefits

Get results faster.

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How FlowlensX Software Implementation works

Typically delivered over 1-3 months of engagement, with step by step roll-out prioritising your key bottlenecks and efficiency challenges.

Preparing Your Team and Data

Most digital projects that fail, do so because the team isn’t ready, or the business data isn’t available. Common mistakes include:

  • Importing out of date information
  • Over-specifying data capture requirements

We can help you get your team ready, and analyse your existing data, so you can make a strong start.

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“Rapid Implementation”

The change was a big change but it quickly became apparent that the support from Flowlens was going to help us achieve this and the onboarding team really helped us to quickly get this into production.

Alan Rex
Operations Director – DD Scientific Ltd

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Accelerate Your Business Benefits

With a firm foundation in place, we can help you get more cost savings and efficiencies from your digital investment.

We can help you get your team ready, and analyse your existing data, so you can make a strong start.

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Need Help Choosing The Right Software?

Choosing the wrong business software could result in months of wasted time, cash and cooperation from your team. Businesses often dive head first into software, without even deciding what’s needed and how change will be introduced. That’s where we come in…

Knowing where to begin can be the hardest part. Are you worried you don’t have a clear understanding of your business processes, and where digital systems could make an impact? Are you worried about getting your team on board with improvements? Without either of these, your risk of failure is much higher.

Get Clarity

We will help you develop a business case, and get your team aligned on the opportunities for transforming your business systems.

Visionary Technology

Process Mapping

Collaborative workshopping, business process mapping, and review with your team (time depending on team size and complexity).

We’ll document a process map and recommendations to help you make better decisions about your digital journey.

With this knowledge in place, you can look at the market and find solutions that can address your business needs.

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