Simplify Manufacturing Procurement with Flowlens

A User-friendly MRP System for Device & Equipment Manufacturers

Flowlens automates complex procurement processes in a user-friendly platform, empowering small businesses to compete in high-tech sectors.

  • At-a-Glance Purchasing Priorities
  • Real-time demand and stock levels
  • Pre-populated Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Long Lead Time Items On Time
  • RFQ Workflow
Adrian Hunter - Talbott's Biomass Boilers

“Buy Better.”

It gives us that ability to buy better across multiple contracts, but still retaining that contract or the integrity of the contract margin effectively.

Adrian Hunter

Talbotts Biomass

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Buy Smarter with Flowlens

With your entire business linked together in Flowlens you can unlock powerful insights to power professional purchasing decisions and never miss a procurement priority again. Predict demand, accurately assess inventory and buy better with our manufacturing software custom built for SME device, equipment and machinery manufacturers. 

Real-Time Stock Levels

Manage inventory efficiently with live stock data.

Request for Quotation Workflow

Simplify and streamline your supplier negotiations.

Pre-Populated Purchase Orders

Simplify the admin of ordering.

Multiple Suppliers Per Part

Diversify your supplier base to reduce risks.

Supplier Delivery Tracking

Monitor every step of your supply chain in real time.

Material/Component Batch Tracking

Ensure quality and compliance with precise tracking.

Manufacturing Dependency Graph

“Faster Decisions.”

Now we have visibility when parts are dropping below a trigger level. We know we can react in time to have the parts in place and the customer gets their order when they need it.

Rob White

DD Scientific

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Drive Efficiency and Cut Costs with Advanced Integrated Features

The latest release of Flowlens has a host of advanced stock management and procurement features to empower your efficiency.

Sales Quotes and Orders Integration

Link sales directly to production for streamlined operations.


Optimise costing methods to manage inventory valuation effectively.

Subcontractor Workflow

Manage subcontractor tasks and integration smoothly.

Invoicing & Credit Notes

Automate financial transactions directly from the procurement process.

Shortages Report

Automatically detect shortages and set alerts to prevent production delays.

Supplier Interface

Facilitate direct communication and data exchange with suppliers.

Parts and BOM Management

Customise and control with advanced management tools.

Integrate with Xero

Ensure financial data is synced and up-to-date with accounting software.

Easy Reporting

Create Custom dashboards and one click reports of your most important stats.

“Smarter Buying.”

“We’re using the Flowlens data where we can see how late a supplier is. We’re able to effectively manage an underperforming supplier, ultimately removing them from our vendor list.”

Gareth Black

Flint Subsea

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