Easily Manage Production, Resources and Scheduling

Designed for SME equipment and device manufacturing and assembly.

  • Improve shopfloor communication
  • Spot bottlenecks and get production done faster
  • Avoid component / material shortages
  • Make Promises You Can Keep

“Saving 2 days on planning”

“We can do a month’s planning in a day, whereas it used to take maybe two or three days. It’s very easy to use. With Flowlens it’s something that we share with the shop floor. With minimal training people are able to use it, understand the information that they’re given.

It quickly became apparent that the support from Flowlens was going to help us achieve this and the onboarding process really helped us to quickly get this into production.”

Alan Rex
Operations Director – DD Scientific Ltd

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Track Work In Progress, Get Paid Faster

Follow up on enquiries faster, track sales activity, assign tasks, and issue branded quotations, all within a user-friendly environment.

Multi-level BOMs

Complex assemblies and sub-assemblies with every component and sub-assembly integrated.

Integrated Job Cards

Flexible parent and child job cards with materials required, production steps and resources.

Production Scheduling

Quickly identify and manage potential bottlenecks in production .

Production Routing

Create customised workflows to plan materials and labour more efficiently.

Prioritise production tasks

Easily rearrange production schedules to increase efficiency.

Task Time Tracking

Simple start/stop time tracking integrated into job cards

Control MTO/MTS Production

Maximise your workflows with simple Make to Stock / Build In-Line controls.

Integrated Sub-Contractors

Include subcontractors costs and lead times into your production schedule.

Easy Serial Numbers

Issue unique serial numbers for finished goods, and track serial numbers of components.

Trusted by Fast-growing Equipment & Device Manufacturers

Advanced MRP for Advanced Manufacturing

Task Lists

Increase multi-skilling with thorough production task guides integrated into each job card.

Track Activity

Manage production activity, assign tasks and easily track client interactions.

Live Stock Data

Show in stock, assigned to production and on-order inventory in one view.

Batch Traceability

Trace stock batches through the production process.

Sales Forecast

Manage and track leads, sales activity and future production demands.

Custom Dashboards

See all your key stats in one place for easy instant reporting.

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“Seamless Shop-floor Communication”

“We are able to see who’s not delivered yet. We’re able to make sure we’ve ordered everything. Because, there’s a classic problem where we think we’ve ordered everything on a spreadsheet. And then we discover when we’re putting it together, we’ve not ordered one of the main components. It just gives you the absolute overall visibility of everything.

We’ve reduced duplicated work in the workshop because we are now controlling our throughput with Flowlens job cards instead of handwritten notes.”

Gareth Black
Technical Director – Flint Subsea Ltd

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