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“ISO 9001 and implementation of Flowlens all happened for our business at the same time. It’s improved the way that we think. And we’re easily able to demonstrate to auditors that we’re keeping all the records that we be, and that we can access them quickly. And it isn’t a burden on the business to be able to do it.”

Gareth Black – Technical Director – Flint Subsea

"Clear and intuitive and won't scare away first-time users"

We have moved away from our team working within an accountancy package to now using flowlens for all day-to-day business activities. Only accounting and management now need to touch the accounts system.

Iain Smith – Fisher Smith Ltd – Machine Vision & Industral Automation Specialists

"Manages the whole process"

“The ability to manage the whole CRM & MRP process in a single system, with visibility for the team at each stage, it’s brilliant.”

Oliver Caunt – MD – JCS Nuclear Solutions


“It’s generated a real competitive advantage. It’s the ability to spend quality time working on customer solutions, and not having to worry about what the ERP system is doing.”

Nathan Peel – Director of Engineering – Denatec

Flowlens has been a really good fit for our business.

Review of Flowlens + Xero by Iain Smith, MD Fisher Smith Ltd.

screenshot of Xero review of Flowlens by Fisher Smith Ltd

"Intuitive & Visual"

“Flowlens enabled us to grow sales by 25%, reducing manual effort, and improving team work. Very helpful team and a product that suits our business, great savings in efficiency, more control, and fit for purpose.” Richard T – RT Machinery (view case study)

“Flowlens saves me 2 days per week.”

“Everything is in one place in Flowlens. From Sales, Orders to Manufacturing. Everyone knows where to look, and it’s all clear and transparent, which has made a massive difference.” Wayne Cramer – GW Energy

"Everything in one place!"

“Hands down the best software that can be tailored to your CRM and ERP business needs.” Nicole K. – Lowe Rental

“Speed of response has been impressive"

“The information you hold on the business belongs to the business – not to any individual – and the Flowlens system gives us close to full visibility. We feel like Flowlens understand the commercial pressures we’re under and have been very quick to communicate progress and answer any questions that we have.” David Lincoln-Lewis, Commercial Director Industrial Switchgear (read case study)

"Flowlens handles the admin for us"

“Flowlens, with a local office and support network, ensured that their configured solution fitted our business needs, allowing us to track by project rather than by customer.” Alan Lowry – Environmental Street Furniture

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