Flowlens Refresher Training & Process Mapping

We want you to get the most out of Flowlens, but with so many capabilities, you and your team mates may not be able to keep up!

Perhaps you’ve taken on new staff who aren’t aware of what Flowlens can do, or perhaps there are new features and tools that you have missed?

We’ve created an affordable solution that will identify the areas where you aren’t using Flowlens to the full, and then follow up with training to address these.

The package comprises of

  • Pre-Training Needs Assessment
  • Review and Training Session
  • Follow-up Call

Pricing starts at £295, and will be tailored per session and attendees.

This is designed to provide fast turnaround, so gaps are addressed quickly. If diverse needs are identified or more time is needed, we can tailor a package for you.

It’s our mission to provide a solution that makes your life easier, improves communication and process efficiency. Our refresher training focuses on where you need it most. Also ask us about our Process Mapping service.

Contact us today to start your assessment or discuss further.

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