Manufacturing Job Card Additional / Miscellaneous Costs capture

Product Releases – February 2022

The latest updates and improvements to Flowlens

Purchasing & Goods Received

  • We have added the ability to download PO returns as a PDF, allowing them to be printed if necessary.
  • We have made an update against the cancellation workflow around approved GRNs, making it now possible to cancel GRNs with a status of ‘Approved’ (as well as ‘Received). Once a GRN is cancelled the stock movements will be automatically updated to deduct the parts from the stock figures.
  • We have made an update around Asset Costs prices so the cost price of the individual asset (when purchased in a Purchase Order) is updated to the GRN approved line item cost if the original cost price set against the asset was more than £0 when it was being converted.
  • Against Purchase Orders we have made an update so the external link now only shows when the PO is within the users ‘PO approval limit’

Job Cards & MRP

  • Against Additional costs on a job card we now allow users to add negative values. This enables users to include miscellaneous discounts within the job card costings, and provides them with more flexibility 
  • We have fixed an issue on the MRP Requirements index where the incorrect Project was showing against the Job Card. In addition to this, we updated the part column so if updates were made to the part name, the updated information is shown correctly on the MRP requirements page.
  • Job Card Stock reservations – Assets location. We have fixed a bug where stock reservations against a job card were being made against an assetable part’s (serialised part) default part location, rather than the actual location of the asset.

Company Page

  • When you create a Sales Order or Purchase Order directly from the company page, the ‘currency’ field is now populated with the currency set against the Company
  • We have added a new field against Companies for ‘Account Status.’ By default, the account status is ‘Active’ but a user can also set it to ‘On Hold’. If a company has an account status of inactive, it is not possible to accept sales/service quotes or sales orders. Users will also be unable to send POs to companies with an On Hold account, and a prompt will be shown explaining that the account status needs to be Active before proceeding.


  •  We have fixed a bug on the parts import where the ‘sellable’ field was not updating correctly.