What is Production Planning in Manufacturing?

In manufacturing, production planning is a process that outlines exactly how a company’s products are manufactured. Your production plan outlines production targets, all required resources for hitting those targets, and the schedule. When pieced together, your production plan outlines all steps and procedures to reaching the final product.  Production planning is a critical component of … Read more

Maximising Supplier Performance: A Guide for SME Manufacturers

In the competitive device and equipment manufacturing landscape, efficient procurement is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and ensuring profitability. For SME manufacturers, particularly those in the device, equipment, and machinery sectors, the performance of suppliers plays a significant role in overall business success. Poor supplier performance can lead to production delays, quality problems, increased costs, … Read more

Product Release – May 2024

These updates will be available from Thursday 9th May. Reports & Data FeedsNew column for ‘Job Card Stock Required’ added to the Part Stock Level Report  Addition of SO Customer Contact name and email to the Sales Order Index page Data Feed to enable email automation via third party tools. Addition of ‘Part ID’ on … Read more

What Is Stock Taking: The 2024 Manufacturer’s Guide

For manufacturers and small business owners, stock-taking is an essential process that wields the power to optimise inventory, reduce costs, and fuel smarter decision-making. In our comprehensive guide for 2024, we’ll answer the question, ‘What is stock-taking?’ We’ll also discuss its importance, techniques to streamline your approach, best practices, and real-world challenges to prepare for. … Read more