Flowlens Product Updates – March/April 2023

As always, if you have any queries about any of these updates, please contact our Customer Success team via support@flowlens.com. Flowlens Task Templates – ProjectsAn update was made to include the ability to create a task template against Projects so every time a Project is made, a task is created and assigned to a specific … Read more

How MRP Software brings Long-Term Gains

Modern, cloud manufacturing software can unleash your business potential and long term growth. For build-to-order manufacturers who are competing for market share, there are many demands on budget. Some will have made investments in legacy systems, while some will have no MRP system at all and rely on spreadsheets. Long term gains are clear: Standardised … Read more

The Cost of Poor Stock Management

What is paid to the supplier is only part of the true cost of holding stock. Businesses that purchase stock, both for production and direct re-sale, will be familiar with the term ‘carrying cost’, which is the sum of: Purchasing the stock Warehousing Handling/delivery Damage and loss Flowlens cloud MRP, with integrated purchasing, job cards … Read more

Multiple Supplier Management

Globalisation has changed the playing field for businesses, in particular manufacturing companies. There is the opportunity to reach customers in foreign markets and supplier relationships are now on a global scale. However, this brings with it the added risk of external factors such as natural disasters, political instability and currency fluctuations. Now, more than ever, … Read more

Internal Stock Controls

An effective stock management process is one of the key components of a company’s purchasing efficiencies. Stock is a large capital investment so it makes sense to manage it as well as possible. In particular, keeping track of raw materials is essential for the smooth flow of the production process. Internal controls to prevent loss, … Read more

What is Customer Lifecycle Management?

Customer Lifecycle Management is turning business on it’s head, focusing on customer needs first, and delivering profits for the long term. Bump into anyone from Flowlens, and it won’t be long before you hear the term ‘customer lifecycle management’, or CLM for short. But what is it? Depending on your role in the business, there … Read more

3 Essential Tips for Sourcing Business Technology Software Vendors

Today’s business technology software vendors have learnt the hard lessons from poor practices and self serving selling methods of traditional vendors. But how do you, as a potential purchaser, spot a new age supplier from an old age dinosaur? Consult our good practice software vendor checklist below. Tip 1 – Satisfy yourself that the vendor … Read more

You can’t Improve your Business Technology without a Vision

Businesses that innovate survive. Technology enables efficient processes and provides what every management team craves – a single, reliable version of the truth. The world is changing and our customer’s demands and needs are changing too. Sustainability is now a core value that has taken hold in sectors across the economy. Traditional ways of working … Read more