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What is Customer Lifecycle Management?

Modular Diagram of Flowlens Cloud Manufacturing CRM and MRP Software

Customer Lifecycle Management is turning business on it’s head, focusing on customer needs first, and delivering profits for the long term. Bump into anyone from Flowlens, and it won’t be long before you hear the term ‘customer lifecycle management’, or CLM for short. But what is it? Depending on your role in the business, there […]

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Where the Heck is my Customer Information?

Data Silos are Restricting your Growth. Do Something About It! You’ve got a killer product, surging demand, and a world class team, but can your customer data stick the pace? Or will it hamper growth, innovation and your competitive edge? Smart businesses understand the value of gathering, processing and leveraging customer data. This data needs […]

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3 tips for improving customer retention and profitability

Did you know that its 6-7 times more expensive to find new customers than sell to existing customers? How can you start to change your customer culture? Encounter a business that doesn’t think ‘customer first’ and its usually a demoralising experience. Being told you can’t do something that seems simple, or ‘you can only get […]

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When is a start-up not a start-up?

Welcome to Flowlens. As the new kids on the block we could be considered a start-up, but in actual fact we’re not. We like to think we’ve taken the best bits about starting a new company – the enthusiasm, the best possible team, the opportunities, the shiny new business cards – and avoided the common […]

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