Latest Flowlens Product Updates – October ’22

MRP, Parts and Stock / Inventory Updates to the display of Part names across the system – We fixed a bug on the stock reservation area of a Job Card so now the ‘Part no – part revision – part name’ is shown in the part name field. We also updated the naming of Purchase … Read more

The Cost of Poor Stock Management

What is paid to the supplier is only part of the true cost of holding stock. Businesses that purchase stock, both for production and direct re-sale, will be familiar with the term ‘carrying cost’, which is the sum of: Purchasing the stock Warehousing Handling/delivery Damage and loss Flowlens cloud MRP, with integrated purchasing, job cards … Read more

Internal Stock Controls

An effective stock management process is one of the key components of a company’s purchasing efficiencies. Stock is a large capital investment so it makes sense to manage it as well as possible. In particular, keeping track of raw materials is essential for the smooth flow of the production process. Internal controls to prevent loss, … Read more

Calculating Your Minimum Stock Threshold

Businesses that don’t operate a sales order process, such as shops and rental companies, must hold a ‘safety stock’ to meet unpredicted sales and exchanges. A business that successfully manages its safety stock should never lose a sale because they don’t have an item. Having a lot of ‘out of stock’ products appears unreliable to … Read more