Product Release – May 2024

These updates will be available from Thursday 9th May.

Reports & Data Feeds
New column for ‘Job Card Stock Required’ added to the Part Stock Level Report 

Addition of SO Customer Contact name and email to the Sales Order Index page Data Feed to enable email automation via third party tools.

Addition of ‘Part ID’ on the Data Feed CSV for the following reports to enable enhance filtering:

  • BOM vs Part Cost
  • Part Component Stock level report
  • PO Cost Variance Report
  • Purchase Order Line Item Report
  • Purchase Order vs Part Cost Price Report
  • Sales Order Line item report
  • Sales Order Profitability By Line Item Report
  • Sales Summary By Part Report
  • Items Dispatched Report
  • Items Due
  • Items Received Report
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Part Location Report
  • Purchase Order Returns
  • Purchase Orders and Associated Job cards Report
  • Unmoved Valuation Report
  • Job Card Profitability Report
  • Job Card Wastage
  • Manufactured Parts Job Card Report
  • Parts Sales Summary By Month
  • Affected Parts report
  • Service Job Card Consumed Stock

Bug fix for recalculating Job Card costs for Additional Costs and Labour after the Job Card is closed.

Addition of ‘Job Card Status’ column on Project Overview within Project Parts so users can easily identify the status of associated job cards

Update to address feedback regarding the formatting of the Sales Quotation PDF where we made the following changes: Removed the “Description” column;  the Item column now contains part number and part name; and Part Description is displayed below part number and part name.

Bug fix for payment terms > 30 days for purchase credit notes and purchase invoices.

Addition of ‘Last Updated’ column on Enquiries and Sales Lead index pages. Last updated for Enquiries and Sales Leads will include:

  • email being sent or received from the Flowlens platform:
  • form being completed;
  • an upload being added;
  • an interaction being added or updated;
  • the overview notes being updated or added;
  • a task being added or updated
  • saving the enquiry/lead

Update to the currency of a Sales Order that has been directly created from a Sales Lead so if no currency set against the corresponding company, we apply the system base currency.

Addition of list view dashboard widget for the Service and Invoicing Report

Update to Service Job Card PDF to increase text size