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Made To Grow S02 E04: Free Digital Support for SME Manufacturers

In this insightful episode of “Made to Grow,” we engage with Will Kinghorn, a Digital Adoption Specialist with Made Smarter UK, to explore the transformative impact of digital technology on UK SME manufacturers.

As digital transformation becomes an increasingly vital part of manufacturing in all sectors, Will shares valuable insights into how the Made Smarter program is enabling businesses to embrace technology to drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Guest Overview: Will Kinghorn

Will Kinghorn brings a wealth of experience in technology adoption and manufacturing innovation. With a background that spans a significant tenure at Rolls-Royce and a dedicated role in advancing SMEs through Made Smarter, Will’s expertise lies in helping businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

His approach combines practical, actionable advice with strategic deployment of technological solutions, making him an invaluable guide for any manufacturing enterprise looking to leverage digital tools.


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Key Points

  • Expansion of Made Smarter: Will discusses the regional success of the Made Smarter program and its impending rollout across the UK, aiming to foster nationwide adoption of digital technologies in manufacturing.
  • Change Management Challenges: Emphasising the human aspect of technological adoption, Will explains the importance of preparing and supporting staff through the transition, ensuring that technology complements rather than displaces their skills.
  • Practical Examples of Transformation: Through real-world examples, Will illustrates how businesses have successfully integrated new technologies, from automation to industry-specific software, enhancing their operations and achieving remarkable growth.
  • Grants and Funding: Highlighting the financial support available through Made Smarter, Will outlines how businesses can access funding to mitigate the costs associated with adopting new technologies.
  • Continuous Support and Development: Made Smarter’s commitment extends beyond initial technology adoption, offering ongoing support, training, and resources to ensure businesses continue to evolve and adapt their digital capabilities.
  • The Importance of Starting Simple: Will advises businesses to begin their digital transformation journey by tackling the most significant challenges first, using technology to solve pressing problems and gradually building on those successes.
  • Engagement and Collaboration: Encouraging a collaborative approach, Will stresses the importance of involving all levels of the organisation in the digital transformation process, from top management to shop floor employees.
  • Conclusion and Further Resources

This episode demystifies the process of digital transformation for SME manufacturers, with Will Kinghorn providing a roadmap to harnessing the power of technology in manufacturing. For businesses looking to explore the possibilities of digital adoption or to engage with the Made Smarter program, visit and follow their updates on LinkedIn (@MadeSmarterUK).

Join us in the next episode, where we discuss the power of networking and collaboration in the sector with Sam Baynham from ConeX Portal.

We’ll explore how peer-to-peer networking and collaboration are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector, helping businesses overcome common challenges and seize new opportunities.

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