using an mrp system in your warehouse

4 Ways Paperless Manufacturing Could Help Your Business

The world is fully operating in the digital environment; paperless manufacturing is the next step in pivoting your business into an efficient and robust operation. An MRP software is the solution your business needs.

Why go paperless?

A small business may spend over £14k a year on printing and traditional filing, the cost triples when considering a large manufacturing facility. By replacing paper, it significantly cuts down on costs across various departments, including operation and supply costs.

Paper is replaced by a cloud-based manufacturing software that acts as a central information hub that can provide real-time data that tracks work orders, customer orders, and purchase orders. All orders are managed and coordinated digitally while reporting production activities are easily accessible through the digital platform.

4 Benefits of Having a Paperless Facility

Eliminate non-value-added tasks

Gone are the days of manually filing paper files. An MRP Software can clearly show the production requirements, supplies in stock, and which supplies have been ordered. This avoids duplicating goods production. This will help your business save money in the long term and reduce waste. Customers can benefit from this system as it displays production information for managers to streamline their orders. Instead of manually rekeying data, smart workflows allow workers to track items quickly, making the process efficient and speedy. When departments can have instant access to real-time data, there won’t be a need to manually handle stacks of paper to create reports. An MRP software can streamline all of that for you.

Better traceability

Without MRP Software, manufacturers can run the risk of delays and lost information when important data are scattered in physical paper copies if not organised properly. Important and time-sensitive information adds stress to your operations and can be costly. Data stored in the cloud-based software are easily accessible, especially if your business operates in various locations. The software can also track stock so you can drive production demand based on customer orders. Digitising your manufacturing process saves more time that can be used to increase customer satisfaction, and increase output and value.

Shorter lead time

A manufacturer’s value and success comes from reducing lead times as much as possible. A built-in CRM system allows workers to react quickly to customer orders using MRP software. The real-time instant data showing supplies in stock and production helps the software calculate accurate lead time and determines production costs in seconds. The software can shorten lead time by speeding up planning, routing, purchasing, production scheduling, and production planning and control steps. In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, time is of the essence, and MRP software can benefit an organisation focused on reducing lead time.

Better for the Environment

Trees act as a natural carbon sink that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. As the forest matures, the remaining trees continue to grow and sequester more carbon. In 2020, paper and board consumption in the United Kingdom amounted to 9.9 million metric tons, and it takes 24 trees to make one ton of paper! Keeping trees in the forest is better for the environment to meet the UK’s Net-Zero emissions target by 2050 and can benefit your organisation if your goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Going paperless also saves money for your business, minimising energy use and fuel to transport and print paper products.

There’s no better time than right now to implement an MRP system.