Made to Grow Ep10: Future Talent – Recruiting the next generation of manufacturers.

In this episode of “Made to Grow,” host Rich Dale welcomes Angela Lawlor from Marvelous Manufacturing to discuss the UK manufacturing sector’s growing skills shortage. They explore effective ways for manufacturers to engage with young people and highlight the necessity of making the industry more accessible and appealing. Listen in for crucial insights on bridging the generational gap and inspiring the next wave of manufacturing talent.

Made to Grow Ep7: Making The Change – Make UK’s Digital Transformation Mission

We sit down with Verity Davidge, the Head of Policy at Make UK, an organisation that champions over 20,000 manufacturing companies across the UK. We delve into the transformative power of digitalisation, the challenges and opportunities in the UK manufacturing sector, and practical advice for SMEs looking to make a difference.

Made to Grow Ep6: Mindset, mantras and manufacturing

In this episode of the Made to Grow podcast, host Rich interviews Brendan McGurgan, former CEO of a successful engineering business and scaling expert. They discuss the importance of leadership mindset, vision setting, and self-awareness in achieving manufacturing growth. Brendan shares key actions and insights to help develop a growth mindset. Tune in to gain valuable advice from an industry expert.

Made to Grow Ep5: PR for Manufacturers – Telling Your Story

In this episode of “Made to Grow,” host Aneela Rose, MD of Rose Media Group, joins the show to discuss the importance of PR and marketing communications for UK manufacturing businesses. Aneela shares her expertise in targeted media relations and marketing strategies, emphasizing the role of storytelling and trust in building a credible brand. Listeners will gain insights into the fundamentals of PR and marketing comms, and how they can enhance their manufacturing success story.

Flowlens Product Updates – March/April 2023

As always, if you have any queries about any of these updates, please contact our Customer Success team via Flowlens Task Templates – ProjectsAn update was made to include the ability to create a task template against Projects so every time a Project is made, a task is created and assigned to a specific … Read more