Made To Grow manufacturing podcast cover image featuring Angela Lawlor of Marvelous Manufacturing and Rich Dale of Flowlens

Made to Grow Ep10: Future Talent – Recruiting the next generation of manufacturers.

Are you an SME manufacturer in the UK struggling with a growing skills gap in your industry? Then this episode of Made To Grow is a must-listen.

Angela Lawlor of Marvelous Manufacturing joins host Rich Dale to discuss the critical issue of the skills shortage in UK manufacturing. They discuss the lack of awareness among school students and career leaders about the manufacturing sector and the impact this has on the industry.

Angela shares a host of actionable strategies on how manufacturers can effectively promote themselves to the next generation of employees, bridging the skills gap and fostering a more knowledgeable future workforce.

Tune in to learn about strategies for engaging with schools, colleges, and universities, and how nurturing a new generation of potential employees can benefit your manufacturing business.

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Key points:

Challenges in Engineering Awareness [00:00:00 – 00:13:45]

The discussion begins with an exploration of the lack of industry understanding among young people and careers teachers/advisors and extends into the importance of making manufacturing relatable to students.

Promoting Manufacturing to Young Generations [00:13:45 – 00:14:15]

How businesses can effectively communicate their work to younger audiences, emphasising the need to make it understandable and relatable.

Engaging with Young Talent online [00:15:09 – 00:27:43]

The conversation shifts to strategies for manufacturers to connect with the next generation, focusing on using website careers pages and social media.

The solution to the digital skills gap in manufacturing

Angela discusses how the next generation of digital natives can help unlock the power of digital for manufacturers.

Concluding Insights and Future Directions [00:27:43 – 00:29:05]

The episode ends with a summary of key insights, emphasising the importance of investing in the next generation.


To learn more about Angela Lawlor’s mission to bridge the gap between manufacturers and young students, visit Marvelous Manufacturing or connect with Angela on LinkedIn.

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Stay tuned for more invaluable insights and expert guidance on the “Made to Grow” podcast.

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