Episode 11 Manufacturing podcast with Gary Sheader

Made To Grow Ep 11: Making Connections – Powering Manufacturing Growth with Peer-to-Peer Networks

In this insightful final episode of “Made to Grow” season one, we address a common pain point in the manufacturing industry: the isolation often felt by leaders in this sector and its impact on future growth. 

This episode introduces the Manufacturers’ Alliance, an organisation that counters this isolation and facilitates knowledge sharing and industry collaboration by fostering robust peer networks. The Alliance operates primarily in the North of England, providing a platform for manufacturers to share experiences, challenges, and insights, thereby catalysing collective growth and innovation.

Our guest, Gary Sheader, founder and Managing Director of The Manufacturers’ Alliance, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the topic. He discusses the transformative power of peer networking, highlighting how such collaborations can improve decision-making, empower leadership development, and drive business growth.

Key topics include the importance of a growth mindset in modern leadership, the role of effective marketing and customer relationship management, and the strategic advantage of data-driven decision-making.

The episode also explores the concept of “making yourself redundant” as an important aim for business leaders, which can empower teams and free up leaders’ ability to think strategically.

This episode is packed with real-world insights for manufacturing leaders looking to navigate the complexities of the industry and drive their businesses forward.

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Key Points

Why the Manufacturer’s Alliance exists and its early development 01.39 – 04.58
The true value of peer networking for manufacturers 04.50 -07. 42
The Modern Leadership Scorecard and the Traits of a Leader 07.43 – 10.42
The Importance of marketing and customer relationships 10.43 – 14.57
The power of making yourself redundant 14.58 – 17.20
Growth mindset for manufacturers 17.21 – 20.57
The importance of openness and sharing in peer networks 20.58 – 26.40
Data-based decision making for manufacturers 26.40 – 30.21
Final thoughts and next steps 30.22 – 34.10



For more information and to connect with Gary, you can visit his LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you can follow the Manufacturers’ Alliance on LinkedIn here to stay updated with their latest initiatives.

To benchmark your manufacturing leadership skills and receive personalised recommendations for professional development, take the Manufacturing Leadership Quiz available on the Manufacturers’ Alliance website.


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