episode 8 of made to grow the manufacturing podcast with UK manufacturing industry expert, Dr Steven Barr

Made to Grow Ep8: Digital Manufacturing: Ready, set…go?

In this episode of “Made to Grow,” we dive into the world of digital transformation in manufacturing.

Our guest, Dr. Steven Barr, a designer, engineer, and sustainable manufacturing specialist shares his expertise and insights on how businesses can navigate the process of digital transformation.

From the importance of people and leadership to the role of technology and customers, Steven provides valuable advice for SME manufacturers looking to improve their operations and drive success.

Tune in to learn more about the key lessons from the first series of “Made to Grow” and get ready to be inspired by the possibilities of digital readiness.

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Key Points

[00:00:30] Introduction to the Digital Readiness Tool from Edge Digital Manufacturing

Dr Steven Barr introduces the Digital Readiness Tool by Edge Digital Manufacturing. This invaluable tool helps SMEs in manufacturing gauge their readiness for digital transformation by benchmarking their current state against industry best practices.

[00:06:21] What is Digital Readiness for UK SME Manufacturers?

Discover what ‘digital readiness’ actually means for UK-based SME manufacturers. Dr Barr outlines how understanding various dimensions—such as people, leadership, and technology—can simplify the complexity of digital transformation.

[00:08:44] Insights Through Benchmarking Your Manufacturing Business

Learn the importance of benchmarking your business against other similar companies. Dr Barr discusses the relevance of having comparative data to effectively assess your business’s digital readiness.

[00:14:03] Engaging with Customers for Change

In this segment, Dr Barr emphasises the crucial role customers and suppliers play in your digital transformation journey. Learn how engaging with these stakeholders can lead to end-to-end improvement in productivity and resilience.

[00:18:12] Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap – Skills Development and Funding

Dr Barr talks about the challenges of a digital skills gap and how to overcome them. Learn about potential funding sources and initiatives that can aid in skills development for digital transformation.

[00:21:57] Funding Landscape and Access

Dr Barr sheds light on various funding options available for businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey. From grants to private investments, find out what financial resources could be at your disposal.

[00:24:00] UK Manufacturing – Poised for World Dominance

Dr Barr discusses the potential of the UK manufacturing sector in the global landscape. Learn why he believes UK manufacturing is well-placed for world dominance in the era of digital transformation.

[00:29:18] Key Lessons from this Episode and Our Series So Far

We wrap up with a summary of key takeaways from Dr Barr and the valuable lessons learned throughout this series so far on digital readiness and transformation in manufacturing.

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