Mark Tooby from Horsfield and Smith Chartered Accountants, Virtual FD and Cloud manufacturing expert

Made to Grow Ep9: Manufacturing in the Cloud

Are you an SME manufacturer in the UK still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes? If so, this episode of Made To Grow is essential listening.

Mark Tooby, an accountant and expert in cloud-based systems, joins host Rich Dale to discuss the transformative power of digitalisation. Together, they explore the importance of financial literacy for leadership, staff engagement in change, the value of real-time data for decision-making, and much, much more.

Learn how to cut costs, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions that will propel your SME manufacturing business into the future.

Tune in to learn more about the key lessons from the first series of “Made to Grow” and get ready to be inspired by the possibilities of running your manufacturing business in the cloud!

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Key Points

1. The Cloud Revolution [00:15:55 – 00:16:17]

Mark Tooby explains how adopting cloud-based systems can transform business processes and improve decision-making.

2. The Journey to Financial Literacy [00:16:17 – 00:16:49]

Rich and Mark discuss the importance of your team having a firm grasp on the financial aspects of the business, from purchasing to planning.

3. The Importance of Staff Buy-In [00:16:49 – 00:19:05]

Mark emphasises that the key to successful digital transformation is getting your entire team on board from the get-go.

4. The Role of a Virtual Finance Director [00:19:37 – 00:23:21]

Discover how a virtual finance director can provide invaluable insights and unbiased perspectives at a fraction of the cost of a typical FD and how the process works.

5. The Single Source Of Truth [00:23:21 – 00:26:12]

Mark and Rich explore why real-time, reliable data is the backbone of any successful manufacturing business in today’s fast-paced environment.

6. The Last Word [00:26:12 – 00:29:03]

Learn why having a unified, cloud-based system is non-negotiable for maintaining data integrity and making real-time decisions.


To find out more about Horsfield-Smith visit their website or follow their company on LinkedIn. You can reach Mark there or on his LinkedIn profile.

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