episode 7, make uk digital transformation mission

Made to Grow Ep7: Making The Change – Make UK’s Digital Transformation Mission

Welcome to another episode of “Made to Grow,” the podcast for SME manufacturers, proudly brought to you by Flowlens, the simple and affordable MRP system.

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Verity Davidge, the Head of Policy at Make UK, an organisation that champions over 20,000 manufacturing companies across the UK. We delve into the transformative power of digitalisation, the challenges and opportunities in the UK manufacturing sector, and practical advice for SMEs looking to make a difference.


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Key Points

Introduction (00:00:00)

Get to know Verity Davidge, the Head of Policy at Make UK, an organisation that serves as the voice for manufacturing companies across England and Wales. Discover how Make UK aims to create a conducive business environment for manufacturers.

The Digitalise to Decarbonise Report (00:05:45)

Explore the latest report published by Make UK, which focuses on the digital transformation journey of manufacturers. Learn how 44% of manufacturers are already on the path to digitalisation and decarbonisation.

Challenges in the Post-Pandemic, Pro-Brexit Era (00:10:20)

Uncover the unique challenges that manufacturers face in the current socio-political landscape. From labour shortages to supply chain disruptions, find out what’s affecting the industry.

The Role of Digital Technologies in Reducing Energy Costs (00:15:30)

Discover how digital technologies can be a game-changer in reducing energy costs for manufacturers. Verity shares insights into how companies have successfully reduced their energy bills through digitalisation.

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities and Digital Solutions (00:20:50)

Dive into the issue of supply chain vulnerabilities that have come under the spotlight in recent years. Learn how digital technologies can offer solutions for better monitoring and management.

Advice for SME Manufacturers (00:27:10)

Verity offers actionable advice for SME manufacturers looking to navigate the complexities of the current manufacturing landscape. From funding options to return on investment considerations, get practical tips to move forward.


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Get to know more about our guest

Verity Davidge is Head of Policy at Make UK, the industry body representing over 20,000 manufacturers in England and Wales. You can keep in touch with her on her LinkedIn Page or follow Make UK on LinkedIn or at their website makeuk.org, which is packed with interesting information, reports and industry news. 

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