a uk manufacturing manager rubbing his eyes in frustration because he doesn't use a good MRP system

Sleepless nights and small business – how Flowlens can help you beat the insomnia.

As leaders of growing businesses we’ve all been there, sleepless night after sleepless night, your mind racing with niggles that you’ve pushed out of the way during the day. There are so many things to juggle in business, however one theme stands above the rest.

I speak to business owners and management teams every day about management software for their businesses, and the common theme of those sleepless nights is the feeling of control, or lack of it!

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Where do you feel most out of control?

Sales forecast – do you have enough properly qualified opportunities in the pipeline?

Inventory – what’s the current value of my stock?

Data Accuracy – as we transfer data manually from one step to another, what has been mistyped or just missed?

Stock Accuracy – are we back-flushing our bill of materials to accurately adjust stock?

Pricing and Quoting – are we ensuring quoted product matches the customer needs and is actually feasible to produce?

Margins – are you making enough money on each sale?

Purchasing – how much cash is committed, and to which suppliers?

Goods Receivable – when can you expect support deliveries to ensure you meet customer/manufacturing demand?

Job Profitability – you know what you quoted, but did the actual costs exceed budget?

Customer Satisfaction – struggling to answer questions about orders and historic activity, and responding quickly enough to customer requests?

GDPR – have you got consent to communicate with customers, and for what purpose?

Serial Number Register – what products are out there, who do I stay on top of asset service history, components?

Sales Activity Tracking – what are people doing, how are they planning their time and tasks to meet customer expectations?

Daily Reports – laborious and inaccurate collation of data to get basic management information, or waiting till you get end of month or quarterly accounts to see if you’ve made a profit?

If any of these questions rings a bell with you, Flowlens small business management software has the answer. Here’s a quick video showing the product in action. If you think Flowlens can help, call us on 028 90998597.