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Why Flowlens

For OEMs and companies who assemble or refurbish products, Flowlens Operations is designed to help you:

  • Plan your production jobs
  • Understand material and component needs
  • Avoid producing the wrong product
  • Understand profitability of the job
  • Create an asset serial number for ongoing after-sales service and traceability

Why Flowlens works for SME OEMs

Flowlens is a fully integrated business management solution for small OEMs that runs in the cloud, negating the need for expensive servers and support.

Most ERP systems are too expensive for small companies. Our affordable subscription service means you can access a higher level of management control and reporting, across pre-sales, sales, production and after sales helping your business grow, profitably.

Jobs Flowlens does for OEMs


Capture accurate customer requirements

Faster quoting

Improve sales performance

Nurture future sales


Plan production and due dates

Ensure the correct materials are available at the right time, yet minimise stock

Track material & labour costs

Report on project profitability


Control Sales Orders and Invoices due

Control purchasing and stock movements in and out

Monitor supplier performance


Manage after-sales service, maintenance and spare parts

Improve customer satisfaction

Access historical orders and interaction info

All interactions in one place

Flowlens minimises the duplication of effort and manual tasks common in most small manufacturers. Flowlens centralises all important customer, product and supplier information (in sync with whatever financial package you use). Flowlens shares common data across various functions of sales, stock, manufacturing, invoicing and after-sales.

Small businesses don’t have the people and time to devote to implement large software systems. Flowlens is modular, you can adopt it gradually, minimising downtime and cost and helping manage change internally. Flowlens is user-friendly and easy for your team to learn. We provide cost effective remote or on site training.

Your existing customer and parts data can be migrated to Flowlens, and we’ll guide you on this as part of our implementation and training services.

Flowlens works alongside your existing accounting package. We integrates with Sage 50 & 200, Quickbooks Online, Kashflow and Xero.


Flowlens is modular, you can choose the features you need most, and add more in the future. Enquire for more details of our Flow and Grow subscription packages, or request a demo.

Jobs Flowlens does for OEMs

Products & Parts
Products & Parts



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