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Step by Step MRP Software Implementation

Are you worried about getting left behind in the race to digital efficiency?

You don’t need to be. We’ve developed a proven and realistic programme for growing manufacturers that will get results quickly, without putting excessive strain on the day to day business.

Flowlens Step by Step Results Programme

Implementing new systems is hard work, right?

We focus on small but valuable steps, to get you to your goal of integrated business management.

We work in partnership with you to achieve success and stop the problems you face at critical stages of the business process.

Our proven step by step programme focuses on incremental results:
Cloud MRP software implementation process

“Flowlens have helped us with a step by step approach to build engagement and buy-in and demonstrate the benefits to individuals in their daily jobs as well as to the business as a whole.” David Lincoln-Lewis – Commercial Director – Industrial Switchgear

Our cloud MRP and management software helps you avoid material shortages, cut waste, improve accuracy of information, and reduce reliance on individual’s knowledge across the operations and sales processes. But it is only as good as the execution of change in your business.

It’s all about figuring out where to start. Digital transformation is about getting results. Your goal is to avoid stock shortages, reduce unnecessary manual admin and errors, and establish a process and data that you can trust.

We will help you achieve this state in a managed and step by step process.

With over 13 years of business process software implementations under our belts, we focus on getting efficiency from the get-go. Our proven programme will deliver manageable change in your business.

“On average, Flowlens has saved me 2 days per week.” Wayne Cramer, Managing Director, GW Energy.

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