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Flowlens CRM & MRP gives you visibility across your business process, and the tools that reduce waste, avoid shortages and help you sell more.

But any digital transformation involves risk.

Our experienced manufacturing software implementation team helps you manage this risk, and get value and results early-on.

And, we deliver a range of services to ensure our customer’s needs are met:

Waste Mapping Workshop

With most customers experiencing 20-40% improvements in efficiency, we believe there is no better time than today to start reducing wasteful manual processes.

You spend hours doing low value tasks, when you could be driving sales or other critical tasks for your business. You strive to improve, but the day-to-day gets in the way of resolving problems with your processes.

Even small changes can have a big impact on time saved, sales uplift and team morale. So how do you know where to start?

Our our experienced advisors will help you and your team review your processes, talk about daily frustrations, and build a roadmap for change.

We offer:
– Process Review – 1 day onsite with team lead outputs
– Business Case – 1 day onsite with follow-up process costing and report.

Contact Us to arrange your mapping exercise and see what’s possible, or read this blog post.

Implementation and Training

For all customers, we recommendation our MRP & CRM implementation and training service.

We prioritise early ‘wins’ and rapid knowledge transfer to ensure your team understand Flowlens.

However ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and we devise a step by step process including:

  • system configuration
  • data migration
  • accounts software integration
  • staged training & roll-out

We work at your speed, but focus on results from day one. Read more about our step-by-step MRP software implementation.

Focused On Success

“Flowlens have helped us with a step by step approach to build engagement and buy-in and demonstrate the benefits to individuals in their daily jobs as well as to the business as a whole.

“We feel like Flowlens understand the commercial pressures we’re under and have been very quick to communicate progress and answer any questions that we have.”

David Lincoln-Lewis – Commercial Director
Industrial Switchgear

Strategic Development

If you need to leverage a modern cloud MRP and CRM platform, but have specific needs, our strategic development service can help.

As your business grows, the enabling technology needs to evolve too. Whether its diverse processes, international markets, or partner integrations, we have helped customers to grow efficiently and quickly.

We have the knowledge and experience to handle complex requirements, and with our modern platform you aren’t ‘starting from scratch’ to make it happen.

  • Complex stock/inventory movements
  • Global stock/asset tracking
  • Systems Integration
  • Customer and Operations Process Automation

Arrange a call to discuss your needs.

Change Management

If you are worried about the risks associated with change, you aren’t alone.

Change is hard, and risky. But the results are obvious in terms of reduced cost and less wasted effort.

We can help you plan the change process. Understanding the team dynamic, the business goals, and the tactical priorities.

Contact Us to discuss our change methodology.

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