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Worried about changing systems?

We’re with you step by step.

Flowlens CRM & MRP gives you visibility across your business process, and the tools that reduce waste, avoid shortages and help you sell more. But any digital transformation involves risk.

Our experienced manufacturing software implementation team helps you manage this risk, and get results faster than doing it by yourself.

Dedicated Onboarding Service

We have designed our Manufacturing Software Implementation process to help your business adopt Flowlens quickly, build confidence and get results.

Because we’ve done it hundreds of times, it’s faster than doing it yourself.

We ask the right questions to understand your processes, and hand-hold you through the change process.

We combine scheduled training sessions plus ad hoc calls/email response to address questions and issues as they occur.

Before you start, we can also help you define your strategy and get team buy-in through our business process mapping service.

Implementation and Training

We will agree a step by step Manufacturing Software Implementation plan with you, including guidance on:

  • Project Champion
  • System Configuration
  • Data Migration / Import
  • Accounts software integration
  • Form setup
  • Staged team training & roll-out

We work at your speed, but focus on results from day one. Read more about our step-by-step MRP software implementation.

We also offer an optional business process mapping service, contact us to learn more.

Focused On Success

“We were adamant that we wanted to get our ISO 9,001 certification within our first quarter. And for that, we needed an operating system that was there was ISO 9,001 worthy and we have to prove that. So we’d have never been able to do that so quickly, if it wasn’t for the help that we got in implementing Flowlens, not only implementing it, but also as we were using it, and like I say, making mistakes and helping us to rectify those quite quickly and guide us into a better way of doing things.”

Nathan Peel – Engineering Director – Denatec 

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Manufacturing Software Change Management

If you are worried about the risks associated with implementing your manufacturing CRM, MRP and service software, you aren’t alone.

Change is hard, and risky. But the results are obvious in terms of reduced cost and less wasted effort.

We can help you plan the change process. Understanding the team dynamic, the business goals, and the tactical priorities. Contact Us to discuss our change methodology.

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