Project / Job Budget Dashboard Software

Tracking Budget Versus Actual Costs

Flowlens now lets you set Budgets to track performance of jobs. Highlight project/job overspend and get early warning of problems.

Do you find it hard to track profitability and financial performance of jobs? Perhaps you need to understand where you over and underspend on jobs? This can consume a lot of manual effort to categorise labour and materials, and then track the spend on each category.

Flowlens already lets you track overall job costs against order value to track profit margins. Now you can set budgets with a job for labour and materials, and then monitor costs as they accrue. This is achieved by setting budget values for different categories of part and labour.

So for example, individual parts/components/materials can belong to a Flowlens Part Category. Part Categories can then be used to assign budget headings within the job.

Flowlens Budget - Cloud CRM & MRP software

As stock is reserved against the job card, the cost of this accrues to the budget heading:
Budget Performance versus Actual Project / Job Software

This works in the same way for time/labour. Many customers track engineering design time, assembly, rework and QA time. Time is tracked against individuals and the type of work they are completing.

Setting a budget timesheet labour - CRM MRP

Add time/labour to your Flowlens Job Card or Project, and select the category, to log hours/minutes spent.
Flowlens Budget - Timesheet Data Capture form - cloud erp

As this time accrues the actual spend accrues against the relevant budget line item.
Time / labour budget versus actual

The Dashboard overview gives at-a-glance summaries of budget spend versus actual.

Project / Job Budget Dashboard Software

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