Part Cost History screenshot

Product Updates – Jan 2022

Catch up on the latest improvements to Flowlens!


  • Against forms we have added the ID on both the index page of each response and the form tab.
  • We have added a new report for all Form responses. This can be found under Reports > Activity Levels > Form Response Report.


  • We have added a Cost History tab against Parts so you can see when cost of a part is updated, cost price before, cost price updated, date updated and updated by whom.
Part Cost History screenshot

Index Pages

  • We have updated some of our index pages to default to show specific statuses. The following is a list of default statuses:
    • Services – pending and open
    • Service job cards – pending and open
    • Service quotes – accepted, draft and sent
    • Projects – on hold and open
    • Job cards – open and in progress
  • On the Projects index we have added a date created column and filter.


  • Against credit notes that don’t have an accountancy package we have the option within actions to mark sales and purchase credit notes as authorised.


  • For Sales leads that are Marked as Won, we have added a field for Quoted Value, so this can easily be changed when marking the lead as won.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug on Invoice pdfs where VAT rate was getting rounded up e.g. 17.5% vat was being rounded to 18%
  • Fixed a bug involving PO maximum quantity so you can now approve GRNs more than the max qty. Previously this was causing an error if you tried to approve a GRN where the max qty was less than the amount being approved.
  • Fixed bug where the alignment of the form response PDF wasn’t showing correctly.