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Made to Grow: Episode #1 with Mel Archbould

In our first-ever episode of “Made to Grow,” we sit down with Mel Archbould, the founder of Cloud Busting, a company specialising in business development and improvement for manufacturing businesses. Join us as Mel shares valuable insights and tips on how to effectively scale your manufacturing business and drive it towards success.

From measuring business performance with a business owner scorecard to focusing on key metrics for improvement, Melanie’s expertise will inspire and guide you on your growth journey.

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Key Points:

Introduction to Melanie Archbould and Cloud Busting
  • Melanie’s background and experience in business development
  • Overview of Cloud Busting’s services for manufacturing businesses
The Importance of Scaling for Manufacturing Businesses
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of scaling
  • Strategies to overcome common scaling obstacles
Measuring Business Performance with a Business Owner Scorecard
  • Exploring the business owner scorecard and its role in assessing progress
  • How to leverage key metrics to drive improvements
Essential Tips for Successful Business Growth
  • The significance of knowing your numbers and staying informed
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organization
Synergies in Supporting Manufacturing
  • Appreciating the role of manufacturing as the backbone of industries
  • Collaborating and learning from industry experts for mutual growth
Looking Ahead: Upcoming Episode with Tom Hughes
  • A sneak peek into the next episode featuring Tom Hughes, an expert in the “Two Second Lean” methodology
Connect with Melanie Archbould

You can find out more about Mel’s work on her website or connect with Cloudbusting on Linkedin or her professional profile on Linkedin at Mel Archbould 

Join us in the next episode as we continue our exploration of growth strategies for manufacturing businesses with Tom Hughes, a renowned champion of the Two Second Lean methodology. Subscribe now for more valuable insights and expert interviews on scaling and excelling in the manufacturing industry.

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