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Remote Working Stories from Flowlens customers

Remote working doesn’t mean compromise. Integrated cloud CRM & MRP technology like Flowlens keeps you up to date, your processes functioning, and your team productive.

Flowlens was designed from the ground up to enable remote working. Perhaps we didn’t realise the extent to which remote working might be a necessity, but we’re glad it provides the flexibility our customers need.

Below we share how several customers are keeping manufacturing and commercial operations going, and staying in touch with their customers and suppliers.

Maintaining Safe Operations

Flowlens has allowed us to minimise staff in the factory, with remote working for office staff. We can keep effective social distancing, and still fulfil vital orders into the healthcare supply chain. I can manage jobs, and purchasing from home, whilst our sales team keeps in contact with customers. Gillian Harvey – Operations Director – On-Systems 

Unlocking Sales

We’re focused on planning for the future and keeping in touch with customers and other stakeholders. Our sales team have been remote working since mid-March, using Flowlens to update records, keep a note of conversations, and plan in follow-ups using the Tasks feature. It will continue to be a tough time, but this business intelligence gives me confidence that we can ramp-up quickly, and address customer and revenue priorities. Richard Taylor – Managing Director – RT Machinery

Business Continuity

Flowlens helps Renovo in many aspects of its business, even during unprecedented times – we have seen no interruption from our normal work flow processing due to a fully integrated cloud based MRP system. We can pick up right where we left off, either from the office, the factory or at home to play catch up, we are able to access and process our sales orders, sales quotes, invoices and stock on any device. Antony Gray – Owner – Renovo Solutions

Preparing For The Future

At the outset of the lockdown Flowlens was invaluable as it allowed me to see clearly all the live sales orders and status, along with all the live purchase orders and delivery dates, so I could make quick clear decisions and speak to all of our relevant customers and suppliers regarding these when planning to put the business on hold. Flowlens will then also allow us to pick all these back up quickly and seamlessly after lockdown when we continue. Wayne Cramer – Managing Director – GW Energy

Flowlens had already freed me from my desk, but now by necessity the team is able to get on with work remotely, updating customer records and staying on top of tasks. Things will have changed once the health crisis passes, and we’re using Flowlens client data to review and prioritise activity for the coming months. Stephen McGarry – Senior Business Advisor – WorkWest Enterprise Agency

Information At Your Fingertips

  • Flowlens is cloud based, it works on any cloud device, wherever you are, no need for servers.
  • You can still access the same features, even on a smartphone or tablet
  • All files / data / knowledge stored in Flowlens travel with you
  • Each user has their own log in, so you can always track who does what and when
  • Reports and dashboards are available instantly.

The future is uncertain. But Flowlens CRM and MRP software is helping remote working customers use the downtime to keep going, and prepare for times ahead.

Have you assessed your continuity risks?

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