Are Spreadsheets Holding your Business Back?

If you have growth ambitions for your business, register now to learn how to unlock the information in your business.

Spreadsheets are the most common way of managing information in businesses. They’re quick to create, easy to share and offer endless possibilities. And, when you’re not looking, they multiply, like weeds! Whenever there’s a new process (or problem!) the automatic response is to create a spreadsheet to deal with it.

How you manage the flow of information in your business directly influences your prospects for growth and profitability. Siloed software systems are not a solution for businesses that have ambitions for growth. Spreadsheets are not a solution for customer-centric companies who want to blow their competition out of the water. These are not solutions for management teams who need real-time information about costs, productivity and what is coming down the line in near term.

This is not an IT problem. This is about how you work.

But where do I start? I hear your say…

Our seminar will help you gain an understanding of the information flow (or blockage) in your business:

  • why you can’t get reports quickly
  • why errors occur in production- why customers get inaccurate delivery dates
  • why jobs take longer than expected
  • why people spend more time with paperwork than serving customers

Register now to secure your place.We’ll have simple practical advice and real world examples from working with manufacturers such as Survitec Group, CDE Global, Kiverco, Truform and more.


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