Graphic for SMDH Lighthouses Award from the Digital Innovation Fund

Flowlens and SMDH: Helping you Make Smarter

We’ve been working on this for months but we’re finally ready to share some exciting news!

Flowlens has been honoured as a recipient of an award in a major UK digital manufacturing initiative!

We’ve been named as a Lighthouse Project and will receive funding from the Digital Innovation Fund to help more manufacturers seize the opportunity of digitalisation. The initiative is part of the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) project under the UK government’s Made Smarter Programme.

Rich Dale, our CEO and Founder, shared his thoughts on this remarkable achievement:

“Being recognized as a ‘Lighthouse’ project within the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub is both an honour and a responsibility. For nearly two decades, Flowlens has been guiding UK manufacturers through the nuances of digitalisation. This award is a catalyst for us to extend our support further.”

Graphic for SMDH Lighthouses Award from the Digital Innovation Fund

Rich also highlighted the practical benefits of this award, notably the significant reduction in onboarding and initial subscription costs, making the digital leap more accessible for manufacturers.

2024 is set to be a landmark year for us at Flowlens as we’re busy working on some exciting new developments for our business (which we’ll be sharing with you all in due course!). But it definitely feels like there’s a fair wind in our sails as we move into 2024!

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub, funded through Innovate UK, is pivotal in enabling SMEs to enhance their processes and digital capabilities efficiently and affordably.

We are already in the process of welcoming manufacturers to join this transformative project. So, if you are a small manufacturer looking to elevate your business through digitalisation and you’ve been nervous about the investment or the complexity of the preparation work, Flowlens and the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub are here to guide you.

For more information or to explore this opportunity, feel free to reach out to us by emailing

Let’s embrace the future of manufacturing together!