Written by Rich Dale
19 08 2021

Denatec – Fast Turnaround Times & Smarter Working

"We're now turning orders around faster than our customers can process them..."

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Nathan Peel, MD of Denatec share’s his experience of setting up and using Flowlens, including the ease of importing data from Solidworks CAD software, which has resulted in big contract wins from major customers.

Denatec is an engineering manufacturing business focused on specialist equipment for extreme environments.

“The fact that any of our staff members can pick up the system and generate purchase orders or generate inquiries or generate sales leads, it means that everybody’s able to take on everybody else’s responsibilities, rather than there having to be individual people doing specific things.”

Nathan describes how Flowlens helps

  • enable significant time savings
  • streamline order processing and MRP
  • import data from CAD / Solidworks with ease
  • provide end to end visibility of the customer journey
  • handle after-sales service and maintenance jobs
  • enabling ISO:9001 accreditation and ongoing compliance
  • speed up invoicing and payments through Xero integration
  • and much more

“We were adamant that we wanted to get our ISO 9001 certification within our first quarter, and we achieved that. And for that, we needed an ERP system that was there was ISO 9001 worthy and we had to prove that. We’d have never been able to do that so quickly, if it wasn’t for the help that we got in implementing Flowlens, not only implementing it, but also as we were using it.”

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