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22 02 2016

Internal Stock Controls

An effective stock management process is one of the key components of a company’s purchasing efficiencies. Stock is large capital…
15 02 2016

How to Estimate Sales Projections

Having an accurate estimate of the volume of sales that are likely to close, facilitates the smooth operation of many…
08 02 2016

Calculating Your Minimum Stock Threshold

Businesses that don’t operate a sales order process, such as shops and rental companies, must hold a ‘safety stock’ to…
01 02 2016

6 Stock Strategies to Increase Your Profits

Every business needs supplies, whether it be day-to-day necessities like photocopier paper or materials for manufacturing car parts. Ensuring that…
Case Studies
22 02 2015

Survitec Group – Service Operations and Asset Management

The Problem Survitec Group required a solution to manage servicing of its significant global fleet of liferafts, serving thousands of…
15 02 2015

What is Customer Lifecycle Management?

Customer Lifecycle Management is turning business on it’s head, focusing on customer needs first, and delivering profits for the long…
28 01 2015

6 Steps to Minimise the Risk of Losing your Critical Business Data

There are steps that your company and your technology partner should take to avoid the risk of losing your business…
20 01 2015

3 Essential Tips for Sourcing Business Technology Software Vendors

Today’s business technology software vendors have learnt the hard lessons from poor practices and self serving selling methods of traditional…
13 01 2015

Are these 3 Common Fears of Technology going to kill your Business?

Technology reaches into every part of our lives. Most of us carry a small computer every waking moment, yet many…