Case Studies

Cloud Software for Equipment Manufacturers & Dealers

22 06 2018

5 steps to selecting the right CRM for your business

So the search begins…. You’ll know when your business is ready for CRM when you are: Spending too much time…
Case Studies
23 05 2018

Lowe Rental – Global Stock Management

Established in 1977, Lowe Rental Ltd. has grown to be the largest globally recognised refrigeration and catering equipment provider to…
09 05 2018

How Flowlens supports your GDPR policy.

Flowlens provides customers with controls to help support their GDPR compliance policy. The stringent requirements include the need to prove…
04 05 2018

Why traditional CRM thinking is failing SMEs

Have you hit a brick wall with your CRM system? We adopt tools like CRM and spreadsheets to solve a…
29 03 2018

Sleepless nights and small business – how Flowlens can help you beat the insomnia.

As leaders of growing businesses we’ve all been there, sleepless night after sleepless night, your mind racing with niggles that…
Case Studies
23 03 2018

Technical Metals – Manufacturing & Stock Management

Technical Metals significant growth in recent years has resulted in the existing array of software, spreadsheets and manual processes becoming…
10 02 2018

Watch Flowlens integrated Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoicing and Production

See Flowlens integrated Sales and Operations in action. How much time could you save? Integrates your Sales and Operations Onboarding…
29 01 2018

How to build a Sales Forecast

A realistic sales forecast can help you plan resources, and spot problems, while you still have time to do something…
21 01 2018

How does Flowlens work with your existing accounting package?

Flowlens works alongside your existing accounting package. This means you can stick with what you know (and save the money…