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22 12 2014

You can’t Improve your Business Technology without a Vision

Businesses that innovate survive. Technology enables efficient processes and provides what every management team craves – a single, reliable version…
11 12 2014

From Spreadsheet Hell to One Version of the Truth: What every CEO wants

Most business leaders crave a single, reliable version of the truth. This, above all else, gives confidence and decision making…
02 12 2014

Get Smart about Sales Management and Boost Profitability

Your sales function is essential to growing your business. If you don’t get the basics right your operations team, your…
23 09 2014

Are Spreadsheets Holding your Business Back?

If you have growth ambitions for your business, register now to learn how to unlock the information in your business.…
09 08 2014

Where the Heck is my Customer Information?

Data Silos are Restricting your Growth. Do Something About It! You’ve got a killer product, surging demand, and a world…
15 04 2014

3 tips for improving customer retention and profitability

Did you know that its 6-7 times more expensive to find new customers than sell to existing customers? How can…
14 03 2014

When is a start-up not a start-up?

Welcome to Flowlens. As the new kids on the block we could be considered a start-up, but in actual fact…
04 02 2014

Customer Retention a Key Strategy for Manufacturers

It’s no secret that the manufacturing sector is under extreme pressure. Between depressed export demand, rising input costs, and strong…