Use Flowlens & QuickBooks to reduce manual effort, improve cashflow and control of your business.

Flowlens is joined-up manufacturing CRM, MRP & Service software that integrates with QuickBooks.

screenshot of Flowlens MRP software and QuickBooks accounting software logo
Save Time
    Seamlessly transfer data between Flowlens and QuickBooks without rekeying
    Matches customers and supplier records on both systems
    Transfer Sales Invoice and payment status
    Transfer Purchase Invoice and payment status


Designed for SME Equipment Manufacturers & Dealers

Flowlens is ‘all in one’ software designed for SME manufacturers and dealers of equipment, machinery plant and industrial products. Our customers range from small agricultural machinery manufacturers to producers of electrical switchgear, mobility products, energy saving and renewable heating appliances, testing and measurement devices, power systems and much more.

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Integrated with QuickBooks, Flowlens provides everything you need to:

  • Manage stock, suppliers and purchasing
  • Plan jobs and material requirements
  • Control sales team activity, pipeline and order book
  • Configure and quote for products
  • Monitor profitability of jobs
  • Handle after-sales equipment service
  • Control cashflow across order book and purchasing
  • Seamlessly send sales and purchase to QuickBooks, plus customer and supplier information.
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