Duygu and Cristian - Flowlens Summer interns

The Importance of Customer Success in SaaS: From the Intern’s Perspective

How a customer centred approach makes the difference.

This summer Flowlens welcomed two interns from the University of Connecticut (UConn), located in the United States. Having a passion for marketing, Cristian and Duygu took part in projects regarding customer success and user relations. We asked them about their internship experience and they were happy to share some key takeaways! 


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Hello! My name is Duygu Ozcan and I am a senior studying Business Management at UConn. I truly enjoy thinking from a marketing perspective and learning about new dimensions of it. At Flowlens, I learned about the essential pieces of Customer Success and how a successful onboarding process is key within SaaS. 

Understanding customer psychology is a key part of Customer Success and Onboarding. When introduced to a new product, customers naturally feel overwhelmed due to experiencing cognitive overload. They also want to achieve their goal in purchasing the product as fast as they can and minimize wasting time. It is the customer success team’s responsibility to let the customer know that they made the right decision by purchasing the product.

Here are some steps that Saas companies can engage in to create maximum customer satisfaction during the onboarding process: 

  • Design the process so that users get more confident in their decision; surprise them by increasing the simplicity of the platform and show new advantages 
  • According to the Peak-End Rule, customers remember their best or worst and very last experiences about a service; celebrate all of their wins and completions so they associate the product with a positive feeling 
  • Zeignarkik Effect suggests that people remember incomplete tasks better than the ones they have finished; use checklists with a progress bar and in-software reminders to keep them motivated 
  • Endowed Progress Effect claims that people are more likely to complete a journey or finish a task when given an artificial head start; use “account created” or “email confirmed” as the first steps of a checklist 

Throughout my marketing internship at Flowlens, I researched ways in which we can design our software to create the best onboarding experience for our customers. I analyzed the psychological effects that come into play for customers when they subscribe to a product and what helps them learn the most effectively about a new platform. I explored various onboarding applications and presented about how their different functions would logistically pair with our software. Most importantly, I learned that to succeed within any business, you must put yourself in the customer’s place and excel in empathy. 

I will always appreciate being part of the Flowlens Team and contributing to its customer centric approach! 


Hello, my name is Cristian Irizarry. I am currently a Junior at UConn majoring in Business Management and Minoring in Marketing. This summer of 2021, I was given the opportunity to be a Marketing Intern for Flowlens. Through this experience I learned many valuable skills that will help me throughout my future career. 

Identifying potential customers and correctly ensuring that key details about their needs are met, is a necessity when trying to build a good relationship with the customer. As a Marketing Intern for Flowlens, I was able to gain first hand experience working with a company that does just that.

The ways in which I worked to identify prospects include: 

  • Discovering companies in need of our services and reaching out to them to potentially help solve their problems
  • Learning new ways to professionally contact prospects and also new ways to reach a larger audience
  • Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to find customers who I felt were in need of help with managing inventory digitally
  • Finding new social media platforms that may be used to reach a large audience for posts and other forms of advertising

I was able to quickly learn new skills and techniques to help me better identify those in need and also learn the best ways to go about contacting these individuals. Through this experience I learned the importance of paying close attention to key details regarding the prospects. Some challenges I went through were maximizing the potential of getting a response back and finding social media groups that were active daily with relevant content. 

I really enjoyed working with a team that is truly dedicated in providing a great experience for not only its customers but all that step through their doors!