Manufacturing PR speclialist Aneela Rose joins Rich on the latest episode of Made To Grow.

Made to Grow Ep5: PR for Manufacturers – Telling Your Story

Welcome to another episode of “Made to Grow,” the podcast for SME manufacturers, proudly brought to you by Flowlens, the simple and affordable MRP system.

In this episode of the Made to Grow podcast, Rich chats with Aneela Rose, the Managing Director of Rose Media Group, a B2B PR agency specialising in targeted media relations and marketing communications for UK manufacturing businesses.

Aneela shares her insights on the fundamentals of PR and marketing comms and how they can benefit manufacturers. She also discusses the evolving landscape of PR in the digital era and offers valuable advice on building brand awareness and credibility.

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Key sections

[00:00:00] Introduction

  • Aneela’s background and passion for PR

[00:02:00] What is PR for manufacturers?

  • What is PR and how does it benefit B2B manufacturers
  • The role of a PR agency 

[00:09:42] Common mistakes manufacturers make with PR

  • Manufacturers need to understand what is and what isn’t PR

[00:12:20] PR and advertising for manufacturers

  • Earned vs paid media

[00:13:34] Humanising your manufacturing brand

  • Telling the story of your people
  • The role of case studies for trade publications

[00:17:03] Digital PR for manufacturers, SEO and PR

  • Backlinks, domain authority and web traffic

[00:23:24] Measuring the return on investment in PR

  • Impressions, audience growth and other metrics for judging the efficacy of your PR campaign

[00:27:21] Social media and PR for manufacturers

  • The link between PR and social media for manufacturers

[00:31:47] Final takeaway: How to get started with manufacturing PR

  • The importance of diving in and getting started

Key Takeaways:

  • PR is about generating brand awareness and building trust with customers.
  • Manufacturers often misunderstand PR and its role in the marketing mix.
  • Manufacturers should focus on aligning PR with their target audience and industry publications.
  • Online publications and social media platforms offer additional opportunities for brand visibility.
  • SEO and backlinks are crucial for improving search engine rankings and driving website traffic.
  • Measuring the success of PR can be done through press clippings, media impressions, social media engagement, and backlinks.
  • Social media should be aligned with the company’s narrative and used to humanise the brand.
  • Manufacturers should start by sharing their stories and engaging with the media and their target audience.


Please get in touch with Aneela or any of the rose Media team through their website or LinkedIn presence: 

Aneela Rose on LinkedIn

Rose Media Group on LinkedIn

Rose Media: Manufacturing PR Specialists

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