angela fumpson of white tiger talks about systems implementation and process mapping for manufacturers

Made to Grow Ep4: Motivate Your People To Maximise Your Systems

Welcome to another episode of “Made to Grow,” the podcast for SME manufacturers, proudly brought to you by Flowlens, the simple and affordable MRP system.

In this episode, we’re diving into the world of process mapping and system integration with our guest, Angela Fumpson.

Angela is an experienced quality engineer, author, mentor, and process improvement expert and we’ll be talking about everything manufacturers need to consider before implementing a new tech solution in their business or embarking on any form of major business transformation.

Join us as we explore the crucial steps to aligning people and systems for manufacturing success.

Key Sections:

Introduction: (00:00:00 – 00:03:55)

Rich Dale introduces Angela Fumpson, founder of White Tiger, a process and systems consultancy.

What to know before you choose a new system (00:03:55 – 00:05:55)

  • The importance of process mapping and what’s involved
  • ‘Walking the process’ – visualising the customer journey and who is involved
  • How process mapping aids in streamlining operations and enhancing overall business performance

Challenging the status quo (00:05:56 – 00:07:44)

  • Storytelling as a tool for creating change
  • The importance of business leadership in designing processes
  • When to involve the customer in process design
  • Building consensus on the way forward 

Deploying digital transformation throughout the organisation (00:07:45 – 00:11:01)

  • Translating high-level strategy to various tiers of the company and how to ensure everyone understands their role
  • The benefits of using an external provider for systems implementation
  • Overcoming office politics and departmental silos to get to the truth about systems and organisational challenges

Considering people’s needs (00:11:02 – 00:14:05)

  • Understanding people’s emotional needs and their impact on the transformation

Sharing the vision (00:14:06 – 00:19:00)

  • Tools and tips for sharing the process map with everyone
  • The importance of sharing the process map for feedback and reflection
  • Integrating future business plans into your new process

Choosing the right software solution (00:19:06 – 00:23:00)

  • Bespoke, modular, or off-the-shelf software?
  • When to compromise on the features list

 Support during software implementation (00:23:06 – 00:27:05)

  • The need for a second wave of support in the implementation process (refresher training and system optimisations)
  • Techniques for making changes to a live system

Championing change and buy-In (00:27:06 – 00:28:02)

  • Change management requires selecting champions who understand the business and can lead the project
  • The facilitator’s role in encouraging shared insights and participation is vital

Conclusion and actionable advice (00:28:03 – 00:31:04)

  • Angela shares her key tips for successful systems implementation and overall business transformation

Contact Information for our guest:

Angela Fumpson, Founder of White Tiger

Next Episode Preview (00:32:35 – 00:33:00)

The next episode features Aneela Rose, M.D. of Rose Media Group, discussing PR, brand awareness, and reputation management in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

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