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Made to Grow Ep3: Financing Your Manufacturing Growth Journey

In this episode, we delve into the world of funding options for manufacturing businesses with financing expert, Graham Niven of Tandem Financial Services. 

Join us as we explore the impact of financial decisions on profitability, discuss the challenges manufacturers face when securing finance, and uncover the most important considerations you need when approaching the market for investment or other forms of finance.

Key Sections:

Financial Fundamentals: Our guest, Graham Niven, introduces the three most common forms of finance and shares insights into the pros and cons of each.

Preparing Your Manufacturing Business To Approach The Market: We discuss what lenders and investors look for in businesses and the advantages that many manufacturers have over service-based businesses.

The Essential Elements of Looking For Finance: We learn how to prepare your business to make the right impression on lenders and investors and the three key documents you’ll need before approaching the market.

Reducing Investment Risk: Learn how to mitigate risk to attract potential funders and negotiate favorable funding terms. Graham Niven emphasises the importance of presenting a low-risk investment proposition.

Importance of Supply Chain Management: The importance of marketing and logistics on the decision-making of investors and lenders.

Balancing Inventory: Find out how manufacturing businesses grapple with the delicate balance of stock levels to meet demand without overstocking. Graham Niven explains the challenges and considerations involved in maintaining the right inventory levels.

Asset Valuation Challenges: Is a warehouse full of stock and asset or a liability. Graham delves into the problems and opportunities around stock valuations.

Equity Funding Options: We explore a variety of equity funding sources available to manufacturing businesses. Discover the different types of investors, including business angels, government equity funds, venture capital and private equity groups.

Trends in Manufacturing Investment: Grahame discusses the current trends in investment which could help you package your business to better advantage when seeking investment.

Join us in the next episode as we sit down with Angela Fumpson, an author, coach, and quality manufacturing engineer, to discuss the methodical approach to mapping a customer journey and how it can drive transformation and growth in manufacturing businesses. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and actionable strategies to elevate your manufacturing operations.

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