Flowlens Cloud MRP saves time

What the rise of automation teaches us

Create additional capacity within your existing team, while also improving their experience of the job they do.

Have you visited willrobotstakemyjob.com yet?

It’s worth a look – interesting and terrifying in equal measure.

You just put in a job title and it lets you know the percentage likelihood of that job being automated.

But beyond a bit of fun I can’t help thinking that there’s a lesson in here for us all about where our time is best spent.

It’s foolish to dismiss the potential threat that AI poses for all of the jobs we currently do – despite the apparent good news that willrobotstakemyjob.com has for teachers, lawyers and marketing managers (among others).

The rise of automation and AI in recent years will have a profound impact on how we think about the best way to get things done whatever the challenge our business faces.

It’s apparent that when we’re thinking about the best way to solve a business problem, one of the first things we need to understand is the nature of the problem to be solved.

Is it a problem that we need a person to help us solve, or is there another solution?

Where the problems we face are process related and data driven, then automation and the rise of AI offers us all a route to solve these problems much more efficiently and often more cost effectively than has previously been the case.

Getting people is hard

With employment levels in the UK at their highest since 1971 getting people is hard – and it’s getting harder.

And in these uncertain times (don’t mention the ‘B’ word) do the people we want to come and work for us have an appetite to move jobs?

Flowlens cloud MRP automates processes

Automation of some of our processes can not only reduce our future requirement for new people but can help us to remove the repetitive, mundane tasks from our existing people.

The benefits of this include creating additional capacity within our existing team while also improving their experience of the job they do – helping us to hold onto them and reducing the administration and financial burden of recruiting.

Our systems in action

Learn more about Flowlens integrated tools for small manufacturing businesses.

Or watch a case study: Sarah Cramer – GWE – “Since having Flowlens, everything is automatically done on one system. Orders come in and they are processed. I’ve saved at least one day week not having to answer questions about where orders are, or how they should be processed.”

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