screenshot of Flowlens ISO webinar panellists

Watch Now: How Flowlens enables faster quality accreditations and audits

Learn how to transform your business processes and competitiveness.

ISO9001 and similar quality standards are vital for many manufacturing businesses, but the work needed to achieve and keep the accreditation can seem daunting.

In this webinar we are joined by Ray Dodd, certified ISO & IATF auditor and GM at Flowens customer On-Systems, Gareth Black, Technical Director of Flint Subsea and Nathan Peel, Engineering Director at Denatec, who have successfully used Flowlens to ace recent ISO audits.

Rather than a pre-audit rush to get documents and evidence updated Flowlens provides a real-time Quality Management solution that aligns with your day to day business processes.

  • In the 20 minute webinar we’ll cover
  • the impact of being ‘always audit ready
  • why Flowlens combines daily business processes and ISO evidence
  • how ISO and Flowlens make the business owner’s life easier
  • why team members will come along with the change
  • why to focus on ‘small QMS, big training’ for the best impact

Learn how Flowlens lean manufacturing software supports efficient, value added processes, and quality management systems such as ISO. For more webinars please click here.